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12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 2

Thursday, January 2, 2014


It’s PART 2 of my reflections on 2014… Here are #’s 7 – 12 of the 12 Things I Did in 2014 That Changed it all… If you’ve not seen PART 1 check it out here… 7. I committed to and read 5 books this past year I love books and I love to write […]

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20 DUMBEST Things Bodybuilders Say

Thursday, December 19, 2013


By IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski of Hypertrophy MAX #1) Chicken, egg whites, rice, and rice cakes ONLY…..If you want to get shredded. PLEASE DO NOT do this! Your body needs micro nutrients and vitamins. I know of so many aspiring bodybuilders and people that just want to better their physique that hire people who tell […]

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Bigger Biceps with Bread and Butter Tim Tebow

Monday, November 14, 2011


My Denver Bronco’s are bore-ing! Yep, Boring with a capital-B, thanks to one of the NFL’s most high-energy athletes, Tim Tebow. Since inserting Tebow as the starting QB the Broncos have gone from one of the leagues leading passing teams to a throw-back style—ground and pound—running team. They won yesterday completing only two passes. A […]

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