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“The world is gonna hear the roar of our engines.” says Clint Eastwood

6. February 2012


f you watched the Superbowl, like most of the US did, you witnessed a vintage, timeless classic; one of the all time greats giving an emotional, inspiring performance. No, I’m not talking about Tom Brady or even Eli, (son of) Manning, but Clint Eastwood. Damn straight! That was…

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How to Awaken Nutritional Freedom | Video

1. October 2011


This is a classic video from the Strength-for-Life series… I made during the writing of the book.

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The Strength of YOU-nity | A 9-11 Tribute

11. September 2011


Like most American’s, may you find yourself alive in the Strength and Unity of a powerful nation, not dark and defeated as the bringers of terror would have you. 9-11 a full 10 years later. A day, a moment, a decision that changed the world. In some fundamental way a day that changed the lives […]

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