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Are Protein Shakes Really Processed Foods?

15. January 2015


A:  Actually, Full Strength is the exact opposite of a refined, processed food. It’s “performance engineered whole food.” Let me explain… It’s true, we are rediscovering the wholesome joy of eating simple, basic, whole food.. As some guru’s like to say it,  foods with just one ingredients–ala “apple.” To make it simple to tell the […]

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When You Eat as Important as What You Eat | Meal Timing in Weight Loss

11. March 2014


As is often the case, science is catching up to logic and experience. When it comes to weight loss, be it in recovery from obesity or that last 10 pounds before a physique competition, frequent feedings has been a popular strategy. Myself, along with many experts, have postulated for years that the frequent small meals […]

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The Art of Stimulating a Nasty Appetite

26. August 2013


“What sounds good for lunch?,” she said to her friend. “I don’t know…nothing really. Hummm…. let’s think about it. What sounds good?” She repeated. “Sounds good?” So, you’ve got no active appetite, no real craving and that feels….? Directionless, uneasy, bored? Thus, I’m gonna ponder on what—in the vast array of food option—that would inspire […]

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