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Top 10 Reasons You Fail New Years Fitness Resolutions

1. January 2015


If you too are ready to Start THE NEW YEAR Strong and Stay Strong all year long, here’s The Top 10 Success robbing traps and how to avoid them. Take these in and you’re guaranteed to make this the BEST YEAR of your LIFE.

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The 7 Step Formula for Reigniting Hope for the Over 40 Man

14. August 2014


Is absence of hope, the loss of a compelling future vision, an experience largely exclusive to the over 40 man? When did this feeling—or lack there of—show up and what you do to reignite hope and a passionate future. In my 20’s I recall frustration. If an obstacle rose to great me I got active, […]

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My Top 5 Tips for “In a Hurry” Workouts

28. May 2014


After seeing a few “in a hurry” workout tips a friend asked me, “Shawn, what are your Top 5 tips for getting a workout in a hurry?” Here’s what I said: Easy… #1. Take More Time! Workout in a hurry is like sex in a hurry. What’s the really the point? I’m not suggesting that […]

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