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The Disturbing Gluttony of The 10,000 Calorie Days

7. February 2015


I was just a kid. Away from home for the first time. In some disorientating dormitory, rooming with a dude I’d never met before the day he walked into our room, hammered a nail into the wall and hung his lifting belt up. I admit, I was worried about who the dweeb was who’d walk […]

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12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 1

1. January 2014


Looking back on this past year…  consistently. I have been more in flow, more at peace, more productive and experienced better energy, more pure happiness and satisfaction that I have ever known in one year. And I’d like to say this change was a radical accident, but it wasn’t… not at all. After a series […]

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The Connection Between Spielberg Movies and the Obesity Pandemic

20. November 2013


In this short video clip from movie director Terry Gilliam “criticizes” the Spielberg style of movie making, contrasting it with the like of Stanley Kubric. It’s very interesting. Honestly. But so what? What’s this have to do with six pack abs and fat bottomed girls? What Gilliam is speaking to is about much more than […]

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