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The Disturbing Gluttony of The 10,000 Calorie Days

7. February 2015


I was just a kid. Away from home for the first time. In some disorientating dormitory, rooming with a dude I’d never met before the day he walked into our room, hammered a nail into the wall and hung his lifting belt up. I admit, I was worried about who the dweeb was who’d walk […]

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The Art of Stimulating a Nasty Appetite

26. August 2013


“What sounds good for lunch?,” she said to her friend. “I don’t know…nothing really. Hummm…. let’s think about it. What sounds good?” She repeated. “Sounds good?” So, you’ve got no active appetite, no real craving and that feels….? Directionless, uneasy, bored? Thus, I’m gonna ponder on what—in the vast array of food option—that would inspire […]

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The Feeling of Fat vs Fit

19. August 2013


She wore black. If was slimming it wasn’t obvious. He was in brightly colored swim shorts which were gradually retreating down from the pressure of his Santa Claus inspired belly. The pair walked ahead of us as we carried our float tubes back up the creek today. As harsh as it may sound, to call […]

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