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The Disturbing Gluttony of The 10,000 Calorie Days

7. February 2015


I was just a kid. Away from home for the first time. In some disorientating dormitory, rooming with a dude I’d never met before the day he walked into our room, hammered a nail into the wall and hung his lifting belt up. I admit, I was worried about who the dweeb was who’d walk […]

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The 7 Step Formula for Reigniting Hope for the Over 40 Man

14. August 2014


Is absence of hope, the loss of a compelling future vision, an experience largely exclusive to the over 40 man? When did this feeling—or lack there of—show up and what you do to reignite hope and a passionate future. In my 20’s I recall frustration. If an obstacle rose to great me I got active, […]

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My Top 5 Tips for “In a Hurry” Workouts

28. May 2014


After seeing a few “in a hurry” workout tips a friend asked me, “Shawn, what are your Top 5 tips for getting a workout in a hurry?” Here’s what I said: Easy… #1. Take More Time! Workout in a hurry is like sex in a hurry. What’s the really the point? I’m not suggesting that […]

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