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20 DUMBEST Things Bodybuilders Say

19. December 2013


By IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski of Hypertrophy MAX #1) Chicken, egg whites, rice, and rice cakes ONLY…..If you want to get shredded. PLEASE DO NOT do this! Your body needs micro nutrients and vitamins. I know of so many aspiring bodybuilders and people that just want to better their physique that hire people who tell […]

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Ron’s Wife Feeling the Difference…Right in the Pantry?

17. December 2013


I received this letter today from a new Inner Circle Member. A vivid story made even more dramatic by the fact it was delivered on paper, via the mail. Yep. That’s right. The good, ol’ fashion mail! That’s awesome and so is this… read this if you’re a man in the middle third of life, […]

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The Top 3 Supplements Crossfit Athletes MUST Know About

26. July 2013


As anyone who has experienced knows, or anyone who’s even glanced at very strongly suspects, Crossfit can turn the body inside out unlike anything you can do on a regular basis. It calls your muscles, your mind, your lungs, your balance all to full attention, at once. As Crossfitters will tell me, it’s the ultimate […]

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