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Ron’s Wife Feeling the Difference…Right in the Pantry?

17. December 2013


I received this letter today from a new Inner Circle Member. A vivid story made even more dramatic by the fact it was delivered on paper, via the mail. Yep. That’s right. The good, ol’ fashion mail! That’s awesome and so is this… read this if you’re a man in the middle third of life, […]

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Is Taking Testosterone for HRT is Doing Drugs?

15. January 2013


I had a most interesting response to an interview today: When I shared a Kryptonite Report Podcast I did with Dr. Life, the Men’s Hormone Replacement expert from Cenegenics clinic in Vegas the other day. “DRUGS! It’s just drugs!  Stick to fitness! I’m done with you talking drugs! “ Well, okay. At least he’s pretty […]

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A Christmas Gift for Your Body and Life

9. December 2012


Of all the Amazing Transformations, in all the challenges the world around, few have inspired me more than that of my freind and Kryptonite Report Co-Host Scott Tousignant. Not because he was fat and got fit but because he was fit and got both bigger, leaner and competition fit… with a focus, determination and a […]

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