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Top 10 Reasons You Fail New Years Fitness Resolutions

1. January 2015


If you too are ready to Start THE NEW YEAR Strong and Stay Strong all year long, here’s The Top 10 Success robbing traps and how to avoid them. Take these in and you’re guaranteed to make this the BEST YEAR of your LIFE.

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How to Change the World (really)

26. February 2014


It seems a lot of people have decided they are here to, “Change the World!” NEWS ALERT: The world isn’t waiting for you to change it. It’s waiting for you to change you. The selfless thing is not to fix your attention on feeding the illusion that you’re more special than others and the world […]

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12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 2

2. January 2014


It’s PART 2 of my reflections on 2014… Here are #’s 7 – 12 of the 12 Things I Did in 2014 That Changed it all… If you’ve not seen PART 1 check it out here… 7. I committed to and read 5 books this past year I love books and I love to write […]

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