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SSM Classics | Deadman Talking

20. July 2013


This is one of the most popular SSM Audio Moments of all time… a classic, some 5 years old. A story about survival, awareness, perspective and starting over, from Strength!

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Chasing the Ghost with 6-Pack Abs

20. September 2012

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I was waiting for my Americano at Starbucks this morning when the late 30’s guy next to me, just out of the blue says… “It’s like chasing a ghost.” “Huh?,” I said, sounding startled and looking baffled. “Getting a fit body back…” “You know someone is there, you’ve seen something—I’m pretty sure—but every time I […]

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Screw Motivation, Get Leverage

8. August 2011


Financial, fitness, freedom… Whatever the areas of your life that you are most ready for change it’s results you’re looking for. Results—real honest to goodness, measurable, visible results you can measure deliver motivation like rain brings wet. Yet, right this moment there are millions and millions of people, just like you, convinced that there’s some […]

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