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My Top 5 Tips for “In a Hurry” Workouts

28. May 2014


After seeing a few “in a hurry” workout tips a friend asked me, “Shawn, what are your Top 5 tips for getting a workout in a hurry?” Here’s what I said: Easy… #1. Take More Time! Workout in a hurry is like sex in a hurry. What’s the really the point? I’m not suggesting that […]

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12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 1

1. January 2014


Looking back on this past year…  consistently. I have been more in flow, more at peace, more productive and experienced better energy, more pure happiness and satisfaction that I have ever known in one year. And I’d like to say this change was a radical accident, but it wasn’t… not at all. After a series […]

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The Dr.’s Nutrition Advice for Optimal Health (That May Set You Free)

30. August 2013


Full Strength, on the other hand, seems like an excellent formulation of high quality ingredients, so you certainly have my blessing in using it! I’ll look to pick some up as well so I can recommend it to interested patients based on subjective as well as objective information.

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