Are Protein Shakes Really Processed Foods?

Thu, Jan 15, 2015

QUESTION:  There are dozens of “ingredients” on the label of your Full Strength nutrition shake. I understand that there are good things in here for me but as I look at the seemingly complex ingredient list, I can’t help but wonder, “Isn’t this basically a processed food?”

A:  Actually, Full Strength is the exact opposite of a refined, processed food. It’s “performance engineered whole food.” Let me explain…

It’s true, we are rediscovering the wholesome joy of eating simple, basic, whole food.. As some guru’s like to say it,  foods with just one ingredients–ala “apple.”

To make it simple to tell the difference, these foodists will say, “if there’s more than one or two ingredients on the label, don’t’ eat it. It’s a processed food.” And that’s pretty good advice, for the majority of your eating.

Of course, what this is referring to is the ever expanding offering of highly refined foods, filled with delicious triggers to enhance your eating pleasure, and stuffed with refined white flour, sugars, and all manner of preservatives.

The confusion that some experience regarding a nutritional product like Full Strength is from applying this single ingredient as a rule, not a guideline. Thus, anything with more than one ingredient becomes a processed food.

What these people don’t recognize is that even an apple has hundreds, if not thousands of “ingredients”–the actual building blocks. An apple is not made of “apple.” It’s got fibers, sugars, vitamins and a slew of micro-elements some of which we don’t even know what they are or do.

Hell, most fruit, food and water even contain trace amounts of the deadly poison cyanide. Many of the food we eat contain this and other poisonous and toxic elements. Imagine if your apples had to have a show all ingredients and have a warning label, “Contains cyanide  which is known to cause death in people and mice.”

So, some how, someway, God and Mother Nature decided that cyanide  and a few other toxic elements were “ingredients” in this apple. Imagine if a company decided to add a little of that to anything? Wow…

Ah… but I digress.

Full Strength is not a processed food–a food deconstructed and presented in a revised, synthetic form for ease of consumption. It’s quite the opposite. For at the risk of playing God, Full Strength is a scientifically engineered, diverse and complete, integrated whole food. It’s the very precise and specific integration of precision blended macro and micro-nutrients in to a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

More than a “protein shake” or even a single food, Full Strength is a meal that is clinically proven to produce positive life enhancing, anabolic like results in the body. It is nutrient rich, physically fulfilling and satiating, emotionally pleasurable and mentally satisfying as well as stimulating. It offers more sustained energy and uplifting positive feeling than most any meal of more than twice the calories.

And did I mention that it simply tastes amazing?

No, Full Strength is not perfect. Like all God’s creations, it has it’s flaws. Yet, unlike the apple or banana, or any simple, organic foods, Full Strength delivers the same nutritional value and calories every time.  You can count on it to be there, every day and never let you down. And how many things can you say that about?

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