Top 10 Reasons You Fail New Years Fitness Resolutions

Thu, Jan 1, 2015

If you too are ready to Start 2015 Strong and Stay Strong all year long, here’s The Top 10 Success robbing traps and how to avoid them. Take these in and you’re guaranteed to make 2015 the best year of your life.

1. You Take Too Big a Bite
It’s a new year and you’re eager to kick some ass so you launch off into the marathon of fitness with an all out sprint only to collapse in the first quarter mile.

Simply stated, people start too fast and take on too much. They make commitments with themselves they can’t keep and when it becomes tug-o-war between fitness and your life, fitness loses. What makes matter worse is this experience often makes it easy to justify quitting and gives a reason not to try

Be realistically aggressive. Choose a plan of action that doesn’t require a lifestyle 180. Bend your life, don’t break it.

Quantum change does not require quantum action—it’s the result of a few basic things repeated daily. Try this: Add three daily actions to your life that support your health and wellness, and remove three things you’re doing that are not supporting you–both for 90 days. It sounds simple but can change your life!
2. You’re Not Fit Enough to Get Fit
Fatigued, stressed, exhausted from the inside out is how most people live day to day—a condition often amplified by the holidays. From this mentally and physically depleted state people dive into fitness and have no idea why they
fade away in weeks.

To a stressed, depleted body and mind, the positive stress of exercise will simply be seen as more stress. The result, rather than building up it shuts down from an overload of stress. You don’t recover and get stronger but simply become more lethargic and fatigued.

Trying to go from systemic exhaustion to lean, fit and hot is like trying to get instantly rich from the depth of bankruptcy. Best to get out of the deficit, your feet under you, and create a foundation that has you in a position of strength.

It’s been said that success is in the preparation and there may be no better example then in your fitness. I urge everyone from high-performance athletes to fitness enthusiast to actively “Reboot” your body regularly. In Strength for Life I present a simple 12-day body and mind Reboot program called “Base Camp.” It will get you moving forward from a position of strength and confidence. You’ll be shocked at how great you feel and how dramatically your
energy can elevate.

For a guaranteed yet simple Total Body-Mind Reboot, take the Full Strength 14-Day Challenge. It’ll get you energized and going strong; fast.

3. Your Expectations Are As Distorted As Reality TV
I’m the first one to encourage you to have high-aim, to create an inspiring vision
that compels you forward and…Yes, here comes the dreaded “and.”

And I witness people suffering from distorted expectations all around. It’s
becoming increasingly persuasive for many reasons. Some of the obvious ones
are: the media; the constant pushing of the envelope engaged in by the
marketers seeking to sell you their new, amazing solution; and, shows like (dare I
say it) The Biggest Loser. All of these add to the confusion and distortion.

When people achieve stunning visual results they don’t actually go into our
brains with a timeline included. They “just happen” in our virtual, always on
video, world and we’re left wondering why this magic isn’t happening for us.

The result of this is you get started with a bang and three weeks in, when you’re
not down three sizes or ready for a posedown, you’re convinced something’s not
working. That leads to becoming disenchanted or a series of radical changes
which fatigue further.

Set an inspiring vision and tangible realistic goals (see Chapter 6 of Strength for Life for more on this important distinction.) With goals written down, focus on today—for it’s what you do successfully today that determines your future results. To use a sports analogy, stop focusing on the Super Bowl and get the
current first down.

Do the thing that matters, for quantum change is the result of simple actions repeated daily. Define your daily rituals, be that 3, 4 or 7 things and aim for them each day.

4. You Get Caught in “The SuperHero Trap”

Most of us believe on some level that we’re we’ve got super-human powers, tough enough to go it alone. And yet we’re surprised each time when our courage, willpower and spandex body suit fail us.

How many athletes win championships alone? How many people climb Everest alone? None. Exactly. We’re social creatures and thus perform better, show up stronger, display greater commitment and more accountability when we’re
involved together as part of a team or at least have a support system.

Don’t keep your goals a secret. Enroll the important people in your life with meaningful conversations. Be specific with how people can support you and ask for it. And get a trainer, a training partner or be a part of some team or group.
You’ll stay stronger, longer for sure.
5. Change is an Attractive Concept, But a Frightening Reality

We fancy ourselves flexible, open and adventurous people, yet it doesn’t take much in the way of change to completely rock our world. We have places we shop and eat, shows we watch, roads we drive. Consider how much distress moving Jay Leno has brought to people’s lives and you get some idea of how serious the business of change really is.

When it comes to getting fit, changing your body, mind and life—the implications are much greater. For one thing, you’re entire life and every person in it has a container for who you are now—a space you fill, a need you provide.
Change and all the rules change.

Furthermore, hard as it may be to comprehend, people are secretly vested in their struggle, drama and personal suffering. There’s a certain nobility or compassion that comes with it.

Change, become a new and in any way improved you, and you intuitively know it’s all up for renegotiation. This is a major reason why change is the most difficult work you’ll ever do—and the most essential.

Get clear on any risks, fears or reasons you may be avoiding change. What is it you fear may happen? Write them down—this diminishes their power. The most important thing about this one is knowing that you may have a set of
unacknowledged commitments holding you back.

6. You’re Trying to Achieve New Results With an Old Story

While we’re in the realm of the unconscious mind, we must address the driving Operating System (OS) of your life: Beliefs. A quote that captures the power of belief comes from Henry Ford, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

“Beliefs are the thermostats that regulate the
temperature of your life and success.”

When you’re trying to get fit, create a new you with an old set of internal beliefs, you’ll often begin with an enormous burst of energy and drive and find yourself mysteriously depleted and lost. You may gain some considerable progress only to find yourself back to square one a month later.

What you believe is what you achieve. When you try to change something about your life, if you don’t actively change your story, shining a light on your beliefs they are bound to resist your best efforts.

Change your story and you instantly change your results.

Beliefs can be changed through experience but experience is changed drastically, and almost effortlessly, when beliefs are changed—or “re-scripted” first. This means creating a new OS or internal story about yourself.

That’s the good news.

The less good news is, as you might assume, given they are as challenging to change as they are powerful. They are best changed very intentionally, over time through repeated efforts such as employing clear, empowering, energizing daily affirmations.

You’ll find a masterfully crafted practice for creating affirmations and practice in Chapter 6 (page 53) of Strength for Life.

7. You’ve Confused “a nice idea” with a Real Goal

Reasonable people have estimated that better than 82% of people make only passing, partially verbal resolutions. They invest no time in creating real, empowering, specific goals nor do they write them down.

These, let us be clear, are not resolutions but “nice ideas” that pass in the air with less force than the flap of a butterfly wing.

The power of the resolution, like with all goals, is in making it a real, measurable achievement with a firm timeline. And then committing this goal to paper where it can and is witnessed every day. This is how one bends time and life in their favor.

Find a master goal setting process on page 56 of Strength for LIFE.

8. You’re Waiting For Your Fitness “Fairy-Godmother” to Save You

The child inside us all who loved fairy tales and indulged fantasy is still there. That’s a good thing. We need this part of ourselves.

Unfortunately, the deeply embedded belief or fantasy that someone or something–be it a knight on a white horse, modern medicine, the government, a miracle pill or even Dr. Phil—is going to save us is alive and well for millions.

At the heart of this issue is personal accountability—always a hot button issue in America, once the land of the free and brave now better known for injury lawyers and entitlement.

Taking full responsibility for your life and every result in it—like it or not. Stop passing the buck.

The power you are projecting on pill, equipment, even a guru is truly yours. It is you who are in control, in power. One terrific resource for transforming a dis-empowering inner dialogue for a strong, empower creator one is an brilliant
short book called, The Power of TED, The Empowerment Dynamic.

Check that book out, I highly recommend it.

9. You’re Searching For Fitness the Fun, Easy Way

Getting fit, losing weight is “easy, effortless and fun,” so you’ve been told by the nice people on TV for years. And as much as you too may believe you don’t buy that dressed up message there’s a part of many of us that have let it soak in.

Most people desire the results and the lifestyle of lean and fit but are not willing to do the work to get there. They’ve come to demand fitness be more like Disneyland and less like a Rocky movie. They lack the heart necessary to
sustain the challenging, hard work.

This makes it extremely difficult to ever attain “Lifestyle fitness” for it is the result of focused effort over time and cannot be instantly achieved

Expand or re-frame your definition of “fun,” for fun is not the exclusive domain of leisure and entertainment activities. Some times the hardest work you will ever do is the most fun and rewarding. It’s just not the sort of “fun” you have drinking a beer on the beach.

Get addicted—positively—to your training. A positive addiction will set you free, offer you the real, deep rewards and help you move beyond this trivial carnival fitness approach. For ultimately, living a healthy, fit, vibrant life is not an annual or semi-annual event, it’s a way of being that is who you are. It’s with you 365.

10. You’re Focused On “Losing” When You Should Be “Gaining”

Weight loss, while a necessary luxury for many is best achieved not as a sole focus but as a by-product of a positive focus goal that expands: Like increasing endurance, adding Strength and boosting overall fitness. On the subconscious, energetic level the single-minded focus on “losing weight” is all about deprivation, suffering and sacrifice. It’s message is, “less food, less energy, less you.”

Thus, a sole focus on “losing weight” moves against the natural force of life. It’s like looking down the wrong end of a telescope, it sure makes your goal look far away. It’s backwards.

There’s a reason why your body adds pounds, even in excess, and as much as it makes “cognitive sense” that it’s bad for us, losing weight can trigger a survival instinct. For the message your body is receiving is that you’re trying to cut it off, starve it and in some way nullify it.

Recognize that your body strives to meet the demands you place on it. Ask it to be more limber, more limber it will be. Challenge it to gain Strength and endurance, a stronger and longer capacity it will have.

When you place your focus on gaining capacity in any dimension of fitness, weight-loss becomes a necessary side-effect, not the sole-motive. This needn’t mean you must seek to run a marathon. It may be that “more” is walking around the block three times and touching your toes.

In part, the key to this is reversal of thinking—or positive focus—is that it’s more compelling and rewarding. For we are conditioned to strive and striving for less sends a confusing, uninspiring message. It also changes the nature of sacrifice.

When you seek to “lose weight” there’s a load of sacrifice involved, a long list of “can’t do.” When you strive to gain a capacity, you’re not so much sacrificing but trading activities up. For example, give up TV because you’re riding your
bike 10 hours a week becomes a minor trade off rather than the major sacrifice it would be if you were sitting at home with the TV off.


May Your 2015 be Full Strength!

Be Strong,
"Shawn" :-)
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9 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons You Fail New Years Fitness Resolutions”

  1. Denita Says:

    what is the 14 day challenge and where do I sign up. Number two fits me like a glove. I know what to do because I did it before in “99”. I lost 35lbs in 4 months I looked like a bodybuilder now 11yrs later and two surgerys, I look like I don’t know what a barbell is. now I weigh 200lbs and having a hard time walking and even going to the gym. I want to get back in shape, I try even doing jumping jacks in the morning and can’t get pass 20. Help me please.


  2. Verne Says:

    Yeah I always take too big a bite, but my biggest problems are previous injuries. The people at the gym aren’t trained to deal with these things, and when I purchase training routines over the internet or through books, it’s difficult to talk to anyone to modify their programs


  3. Keith Says:

    Excellent article, Shawn, and a lot of helpful wisdom there that definitely goes beyond health and fitness!


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Thanks Keith… I wrote this a few years ago but it’s timeless. Although I’d love to polish it a little…

      I do enjoy a different look at things.

      Happy New Set of 365 to you…


  4. David Thomas Says:

    Usually on these list type things you identify with a couple of items. But you nailed me with all 10 here Shawn and I’ll give an 11th, its what I like to call the Annie reason. Tomorrow, tomorrow, its only a day away.


  5. mark hiddleson Says:

    Great article Shawn. The change thing is a biggy for me. I always considered my self flexible and adaptable, and I probably am. I guess it’s like my wife said to me recently, “Oh yeah Mark, you’re human. The rest of us have known that for a while. You’re finally figuring it out!”

    Happy New Year!




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