My Top 5 Tips for “In a Hurry” Workouts

Wed, May 28, 2014

After seeing a few “in a hurry” workout tips a friend asked me, “Shawn, what are your Top 5 tips for getting a workout in a hurry?”

Here’s what I said:


#1. Take More Time!

Workout in a hurry is like sex in a hurry. What’s the really the point?

I’m not suggesting that you must invest an hour a day, although maybe you should allot that time. But “hurry,”  is less a clock thing than a way of being or of NOT being present. It’s about rushing from here to there and “checking off” the health to-do list. I say f%ck that.

You are way better off not lying to yourself about working out when you’re not really doing it. It’s just easier that living with the lie of the “quickee.” 

This lying only leads to that perplexing condition of “nothing works” where you tell the trainer/expert you’ve been training, eating well and all this for 6 months but nothing has changed. Of course, your expert has no idea what you’ve learned to accept and check-off as “workout completed.”

Don’t have the time? Here are a few strategies for making time:

  • Get fired from your job because you’re health is so bad, your performance suffering because you’re out of shape, overweight, and not thinking clearly (mental performance is closely correlated with health)
  • Get divorced because your partner wants to live a healthier better life and you aren’t joining in.
  • Get some devastating illness which will force you to focus on living and we all know was closely related to your lack of time for living healthy.

Get The MANual

Don’t like any of those time creating options? You might (as in do) consider  grabbing a copy of my new book, The Owners MANual for Living Your 40’s at Full Strength : The 12 Essential Life Hacks for Living Your Best Decade Yet.

The 12 Life Hacks are short, sweet, simple steps you can take TODAY that will help you reclaim your life… and get more time, more energy, more freedom. They are all about creating the space for your best life and letting go of the crap that’s killing you.

The 12 Life Hacks include:

  • Get Real
  • Get Simple
  • Get Zen
  • Get Energized
  • Get Connected…

The Owners MANual for Living Your 40’s Full Strength on Amazon

Since I released this book Arianna Huffington has come out with a new book, THRIVE. And I’m flattered to say that in more than most every way, her book is a longer, less targeted and likely less actionable set of steps which are stunningly close to the 12 Life Hacks.I haven’t purchased the book yet but it looks great. I am sure it is. But I’m pretty confident in suggesting that if you’re a man past 35 you’ll likely get more from my book, faster and more effectively. (But feel free to get her’s too.)

Yes, the easy way (the MANual) or the hard way (wait until things are bad enough)… the choice is yours.

While I am very serious about taking giving yourself the gift of more time to train, here are a few simple time saving tips you can bring into play while you’re waiting for my new space and life saving book to arrive.

Time Creating Tips for a Fit Life


1. Train with Focus and Intensity.

Learn to engage body-mind in synchronous flow state via the F.I.T. practice from Strength for LIFE. It turns the ordinary energy of a workout into laser like concentration for massive results, in less time.

2. Have a Plan and Work the Plan

When you go to the gym and get “creative” you spend half your time thinking, guessing and not moving with purpose and focus. When you come with a clear, crisp plan you get to it and can fly in flow. It’s a huge difference. Get one… Get a PowerBuilding custom program and see how much more muscle you can have and less time you will waste.

3.  Start Strong with a Total Nutrition Shake

Saving time or creating time isn’t just about the gym time, it’s about the life. And I know of no other more effective and more unfair of a competitive advantage a daily nutrition shake is. When you start your day not with a protein concoction where you’re scooping this, pureeing that, but with a total integrated nutrition shake like, the Full Strength Shake for MEN, you not only save time but create energy, confidence, clarity of action. It’s an action that screams affirmation for your best life all day, every day. Do it. Try it and find out why your life will change, fast.

4.  Train One Body Part 5 days a Week

This is a strategy employed by the icon Iron Mike Ryan (of Over 40 Muscle fame). It seems like more working out but the clarity, focus and speed of the single body part can really help set you in a steady rhythm of training by making the daily “bite” much more bite-size. You get in, get out. But you’re on it. And there’s no wondering what day you’re training, etc. If you choose to do some cardio on any strength days, make note to do the STRENGTH after the cardio. It seems that studies finally show that your body likes to respond to the LAST stimulus. So if it’s weights last, it’s muscle more so.

5. See #1 Above (at top of article)

Yep, I’m dead serious about that one. Give yourself the gift of more time to train, not less.


If you are in amazing shape, train your ass off and live to surf, ala one Laird Hamilton training in a hurry makes some sense. For starters, wouldn’t you too rather be out riding the big waves? Of course… but you are also active in so many ways. You are training in some fashion most all day and your fitness is epic. I suspect it’s sort of like a billionaire talking about retirement strategies. “Yeah, I figure the best thing to do is retire, and live on the interest if I can manage to spend it all.” Sure, a fine idea but not necessarily as helpful to the most of us as he might think.

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