A Story That Will Have You Feeling Better About Humanity (Must Watch!)

Mon, Mar 3, 2014

He’s a “Pay it forward” kind of kid. Watch this story and feel better about the world we live in.

When Myles Eckert found $20 in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, he thought about what he might buy with this newfound fortune, but he changed his mind when he laid eyes on the man in uniform. Steve Hartman reports on what happened next.

This is a real heartwarming story that reminds us this world of full of amazing souls.

How will you pay it forward today?


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3 Responses to “A Story That Will Have You Feeling Better About Humanity (Must Watch!)”

  1. David Says:

    thanks for passing this video link along. It was very uplifting and helped remind me of what is really important.


  2. Kevin Says:

    What more can I say. Truly emotionally moving!! Thanks for sharing.

    All the best


  3. Len Says:

    Okay, I cried. You were right. It was the best 3 minutes of the day and so worthwhile to see. Thanks, Shawn.


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