How to Change the World (really)

Wed, Feb 26, 2014

It seems a lot of people have decided they are here to, “Change the World!”

NEWS ALERT: The world isn’t waiting for you to change it. It’s waiting for you to change you.

The selfless thing is not to fix your attention on feeding the illusion that you’re more special than others and the world depends on you.

The truly selfless thing is to elevate your game, clean up your wounds, fix your leaks and show up as your best so that you can be of true service to your family, your community, your country and the world.

That’s how you change the world (whatever that means); you bring your A-game as often as you possibly can and when you don’t you own it and come back around again.

And leave the hero-worship stuff to Superman and his pals.

As I like to remind us all…

A Stronger U –> Makes for a Stronger US –> and a Stronger USA & World

The Strength Begins with You.

What are you doing today to up your game, elevate your Strength, be your best and live your legacy… NOW.

Make a call, choose a path, take action. Do not delay. Today is your day. 




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