12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 2

Thu, Jan 2, 2014

It’s PART 2 of my reflections on 2014… Here are #’s 7 – 12 of the 12 Things I Did in 2014 That Changed it all…

If you’ve not seen PART 1 check it out here

7. I committed to and read 5 books this past year

I love books and I love to write them and read them. But be life as it is, my intake of books has been pathetic for the past few years. I still buy ‘em and I scan ‘em but I don’t really read them. Hence the commitment to five. Not six, not three. And when I say “books” I mean that good ol’ paper bound thing. No the digital stuff. There’s something so very real and important about the feel, weight and presence of a book.

Books wake me up, encourage thought, free me from the stress of today. I feel better, brighter and all around more alert when I read regularly. Plus, it’s great for making conversation with others. To be in the know makes one relevant. To be a resource for others, reading ahead of them, is rewarding.

Q: What will you read this year?

8. I planned and took vacations

Americans suck at taking vacations, for all sorts of bull crap reasons. And I am in the top 10% of that suckingness. I let vacations have to happen and usually don’t plan them. But not planning them means—yep, they just don’t happen.

Getting away is hard but it’s absolutely essential. It’s time with the family, time to clear your mind, time to explore. Every vacation need not be Maui or something huge. That’s part of what I had to learn. I aimed high for vacations and there are so many ways to enjoy the country closer to home.

I enjoyed two real “family” vacations this past year and several shorter long weekend get-a-ways. It’s made all the difference in my energy, mood and outlook. I love the get away—but you gotta plan them if you’re gonna have them.

The thing about life and vacations, is it’s ALL ABOUT ENERGY. Energy is the currency, time is it’s bitch. And the fact is most of us live in energy debt, addicted to stimulants, be it food, TV, coffee or other. Here’s where you can learn about energy debt and how to recover from it’s deadly grip.

Q: Where will you go this year? What new way to get away will you come up with? How can you take a long weekend every month?

9. I approached the year like an athlete

At the end of 2013 I decided to step into my fitness like an athlete. I’d spent a good 7-8 years “getting by” and looking great “for my age.” But I know I can do more, pack on more muscle, ride faster, etc.

This means “training” not “exercise.” As I elucidate in Strength for LIFE, “Exercise is good, and nice but is essentially movement for the sake of moving where as training is movement for a purpose, for performance…it’s what athletes do.”

I also know that the only way to really reach a new level if to challenge myself. So, I decided to stop being a “fitness” person and take on the persona of an athlete. An athlete thinks first about their goals, their performance. It’s who they are, not what they do.

First thing I did was to commit and set four very specific, very real, athletic challenges and events for the year. Then, like an athlete (and as I teach in Strength for Life) I turned the year into seasons. Seasons give focus.

I first packed muscle back on like I was 30 again. I stopped training to maintain and went into an all out muscle assault. Talk about feeling great and rewarding.

Then I took my stronger, lean physique into a season of cycling with a number of races and events. And then, after a month of recovery, I finished the year with a muscle refining phase. It’s been a great year for my body and mind. I know when I start with the physical everything in my life is better and brighter.

Q: What challenges, events or competitions will you commit to this year? Come on, make it at least 2!

10. I did my own ReBOOT Cleanse 4 times

In my growing wisdom about health, strength and fitness I’ve come to believe with great certainty that the 12-Day ReBOOT is one of the most important processes I can put myself through quarterly.

It’s what these largely BS cleanses wish they were. It’s an internal system ReSET, cleansing the building insulin (which will the end of us all, eventually) and helps me get clear, reclaim my energy and get all systems back to go.

A vitally healthy, energized and ready body is the most important first move, for an athlete or a dieter. The 12 Day ReBOOT is a proven system for getting your body back on top, on track and running strong.

When I use it regularly everything works better in my life—my training, my sleep, my mind, my energy.

NEW YEARS is the #1 Time of Year to ReBOOT Your Body and LIFE : Go 12 Strong Now

Q: Have you done a 12 Day ReBOOT? What are you waiting for? It’s the best way to start any NEW YEAR fitness journey—for it gets you in a position of Strength, to succeed.

11. I recommitted to small group and One on One coaching

I rediscovered the value and personal satisfaction of coaching people. After years in the more aloof leadership position of writing, speaking and creating I found my stride in the more personal, intimate contact of the coaching realm.

Coaching men’s groups is particularly satisfying for it’s truly the sweet spot for my focus and passion for helping men live freer, clearer and stronger lives in the second half.

I completed four coaching groups, which included more than just physical coaching but really got into the role of The Integral Man—awakening the whole self into a life that matters and works.

I’ve also found the One on One coaching very rewarding for it’s another level where one can really make and feel the impact. I have keep a small but steady flow of just 5 1-on-1 clients through the year.

Q: Ever consider taking on a Group or hiring me for 90 days of One on One? It’s not for everyone but for the right guys, it’s life changing—literally.

12. I turned Full Strength Nutrition into “Membership Only”

I’ve been making what, by most all expert and consumer accounts, is the #1 best made, total nutrition shake in the world for seven years now. More than a “meal replacement” Full Strength is truly the first “Life Performance Fast Food.” It’s a meal that is quick, nourishing and clinically proven to enhance your life—helping you add muscle, lose fat, boost energy, and more.

That’s great. But this great premium shake is hard to sell on the mass market where the buyers are generally muscle seeking kids who want everything for 80% off.

I don’t want to be the biggest nutritional company again—we did that with EAS—I just want to be the best. But the best for a segment and it keeps with my coaching, my writing, my focus. I am committed to helping men in the prime of life, live better, freer, clearer stronger lives. It’s the time when the man has the most to give, the most demands and the least support and resources. I want to be that guy who’s in that guys corner, helping him reclaim his mojo and get back on top again.

Seeing this, I made the move I’ve been thinking about for years—which I stopped selling Full Strength. Yeah, scary for a lot but let me explain.

I stopped trying to sell it like it’s another protein shake out there. It’s a very specific nutritional product that is the number ideal nutritional for a very specific market—and that’s what I am focusing on.

By moving to a members only model I am able to provide more scientifically sound and safe nutritionals, and more focused service and experience and still get the members all their nutritional needs shipped direct to them at direct to consumer prices. That doesn’t mean Full Strength is cheaper than, say Muscle Milk but it is true that it’s the best value—and with the other “lifestyle nutritionals” added to the service we’re saving lives and saving money for millions of men, and their families.

Q: What membership do you need to belong to to be your strongest, best version of yourself? Groups and communities of like minded individuals are truly the force for change.

13. I adopted an active position on setting and keeping alive solid and simple goals

(yes, 13 because it’s the one thing that powered all the others)

Goals, as one of my great friends like to say, “are agreements we make to lie to each other.” Funny, yes but the truth is we often set goals as a way of compensating for what we don’t like about ourselves or life now.

For example, “don’t look at my fat self. I’ve got a goal to lose 100 lbs.” Ok, now I am approved and we can both hold that versus deal with this.

For the last few years I’ve been pretty goal deficient. I have just neglected them in large because I find them so hard to keep alive. I write them down then lose my notebook. I put them in a file and can’t find the word doc.

I just have lost the ability to keep them living in front of me daily. That was true until I found the breakthrough achievement platform of 2014, EasyGoals.com.

Easy Goals is the smartest, easiest and most effective way to set goals that are grounded in meaning, aspiring and achievable, and it’s magical in helping you achieve them. For EasyGoals keeps you on point every day. It has the tools, the reminders, the emails, the accountability partners, the App to damn near guarantee your success.

I started off in January with just 3 very solid but achievable goals and like a muscle, strengthened my success from there. I knocked them down and felt like a million bucks. Each time I upped my reach a little and now I am a living example of how profoundly EasyGoals can change your life and success trajectory.

Q: What goals are you going to set and how do you plan to support your success?

May your 2014 have been as great as the one I’m about to enjoy…

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7 Responses to “12 Things I did in 2014 That Changed Everything | Part 2”

  1. Rob Lim Says:

    Shawn, I like the distinction you make between “exercise” and “training”. Training works towards a goal or result while exercise doesn’t have that focus. One of my favorite quotes is by Ed McCauley that states “Remember, someone, somewhere is training. And when you meet him…he will win.” Makes you want to be that guy, right? I also like your focus on goals. One tip that I recently read was the 3-3-2 Rule (I think written by Shaun Hadsall). It helps focus on your really short term goals. It goes like this: “Do One Thing. Do It well. Finish it.” I’ve found it helps me focus and methodically accomplish my task at hand. Thanks Shawn for all your great advice, and advocacy for living strong. Let’s both write a great 2014 chapter! -Rob


  2. Mark Dawson Says:

    Thanks Shawn…I read everything you send me with an open mind and great enjoyment. 2014 will be a wonderful year of persoanl growth for me and I appreciate your friendship and insight :)…Mark


  3. Debra Says:

    Your advertisement for Full Strength said Men Only. Can women use this product and get results.



  4. Becky C Says:

    Shawn, I’m a little confused about the title “Reflections on 2014, 12 things I did in 2014 that changed it all”. I’m wondering if you are writing your story for 2014 and then will live it, or are you saying you did these things in 2013? Or maybe it’s something else. Please explain.


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