Salt, Sugar, Fat : How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Mon, Apr 1, 2013

Check out this fascinating and funny (even though it’s not a funny topic) interview with author, Michael Moss, of the NY Times, on his new book, Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.”

I think it’s fascinating even though most of what I’ve heard here is not new or news to me. Food scientists have basically been perfecting the triggers of addiction in your brain and body for decades. And what drives it? Evil doing? Nope. The same madness that drives all our economic gluttony: Profits. Money. Wall Street.

“We must sell more, make more, at all costs!,” is the certain belief. On this level, the screwed up value capable in an emotionally blind corporate agreement is the real evil. The monster called the Corporation is not only able to but expected to act without conscious, for the exclusive good of income–however pathological it’s “behavior” that parties involved can claim it was doing what it was supposed to be doing. And no one is to blame. So, “they” prefer to believe. It’s how they sleep at night.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


In part 2 (comes on after this part) Michael mentions how smart these “evil doers” like the former CEO of Coca-cola North America is and how they may be the ones that can save us, help us resolve this problem they helped create.

To which I say,

“Yes, I am sure they are smart. BUT there are lots of smart people who are already doing things to repair and resolve but they don’t have the reach or the resources. Let’s be careful how much credit we give to their brilliance vs. the money and ease they has access to. Being able to play on massive margins, because you sell crappy water with cheap sugar in it for $1’s… and selling ‘crack to addicts’ doesn’t necessarily make you a genius.”

I understand the science of making foods taste good and the importance of experience. I mean it took me a full calendar year and a million dollars to get a formula for Full Strength that had the taste, the nose, the mouthfeel and the energy altering experience that could even begin to engage people and keep them coming to a solution rather than the problem created by these addictive processed foods.

As a result, Full Strength is an incredible, pleasing full-body experience. It was no accident. All intention. While it’s true that some people will stick with and even come to enjoy a shot of wheatgrass with sawdust, it is truly the exception not the rule. I know from experience that if I expect people to make substantial life changes, if I am going to get them FREE from this crap food and undermining nutritional habits, it is essential to offer an experience that not only alters their way of feeling, upgrades their thinking and physical energy but must also deliver a layers of satisfaction which draws them back, that gives one a pleasant moment in their day.

Now, certainly mindfulness—being aware and tuned into the deeper experience—as I teach in Nutritional Freedom is a central and vital weapon as well. For reframing your relationship with food and breaking the addictive eating cycles is not for the faint of heart.

I guess what I’m saying is that the more we know about how the human body-mind works the more we can either take advantage of that–use it our own gain–or put it to use in helping them live freer, clearer, stronger lives. Much like advancing medicine, which could be used to save lives or create your own Frankenstein, the choice is one of values, humanity, heart and largely comes down to the individual vs. the corporation. At Full Strength it is very personal and it is me, not some ten-headed monster driving the ship of insanity and greed.

Watch this video, get mad if you feel it but get clear that this crap food is not part of yours or any decent life. The win will not come by fighting them or through the government but through and from you, I and we. It’s about you not buying it. It’s each of us. We will end it when we end it.

The Strength begins with you.

Now, do something GREAT for yourself and take a HUGE leap towards your own freedom with the 14-Day FULL Strength Challenge.

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