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What Ben Affleck Can Teach You (and Me) About Success

25. February 2013


The Blink of an Eye. Just a few short years ago when a couple of wide-eyes kids strode onto the stage at the Academy Awards to receive an Oscar for their screen play, Good Will Hunting. That blink of an eye has been 15 years. That’s hard to believe. After this meteoric ride, Matt Damon […]

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Winning the Genetic Lottery

18. February 2013

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“Image is everything,” Andre Agassi told you on the Canon commercial. And “Duh!” most of us would grumble. Of course it is. We’re so fascinated, drawn, impressed and consumed by how we and others look. We all want to be lean, fit, young stunning and impressive. Yes, image is everything and image is a shallow, […]

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Paul Harvey, God and a Farmer

4. February 2013


As the SuperBowl entered the fourth quarter, having been revived from a near fatal disaster to an exciting game, a commercial gave reason for pause. For the most part, I don’t pay much attention to the Superbowl commercials—it’s the game I like. Most of these commercials are overhyped. But I found myself tuned in and […]

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