Looking Back On Your Future: A Vision for 2013

Mon, Dec 17, 2012

What will you make of your 2013?

Looking Back on Your Future

How will this year be different, better, more transformative than those past?

There are a lot of ways to set goals and you’re about to hear them all, no doubt.  But there are none more simple and effective than this future framing technique I am about to share with you.

I learned this many years ago from The Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan. Dan helps entrepreneurs enjoy more freedom and success in their lives. And he’s masterfully great at it.

Dan calls this The R-Factor Question. For this application, we’re going to focus it in on our health and fitness.

It goes like this: The R-Factor Fitness Question

“One year from today, you and I are sitting here having this conversation, reflecting back on the year 2013. What 3 things will have happened in the previous 12-months for you to be happy with your [Health & Fitness] progress?”

Now, put yourself in the future–one this day in 2013 and look back. Feel into the satisfaction. Make it real.

It seems simple and really it is–although it will take a little time and thought. I can tell you it’s a lot more authentic and grounding than most of the over-hyped, ego-based goal setting crap you’ll see this time of year.

It works because we don’t just think it, we experience. We get real with it.

Now, don’t wait. Take 5 or 10 minutes and do it now. Take a Shake Break, sit back, enjoy a Full Strength while you allow your future to slide into your past and come to life. Be sure to get yourself into the future—one year from now—and look back. From that place, you will state what has happened.

That’s key. It’s not “I want” or “I will” but “I did” that will bring it to life.

What are Your BIG 3 for ’13.





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