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A Recipe for Weight-Loss Success

24. September 2012


I saw this quote this morning. Don’t even know what article it came from.  Struck me. So true. And when it comes to helping people to lose weight, get fit, enjoy rippling six-pack abs or make a million dollars, there are two paths: 1) You can tell them the truth and risk most certain isolation. […]

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Reason #137 Why I Love Zach Even-Esh

21. September 2012


Every generation has a few great men, a few rock-solid men of principle that simply inspire us all through actions. I would guess that JFK was that sort of fella, for many. President Reagen certainly had a way of inspiring. There’s icons of business like Steve Jobs, who simply would not sacrifice for “good enough” […]

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Chasing the Ghost with 6-Pack Abs

20. September 2012

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I was waiting for my Americano at Starbucks this morning when the late 30’s guy next to me, just out of the blue says… “It’s like chasing a ghost.” “Huh?,” I said, sounding startled and looking baffled. “Getting a fit body back…” “You know someone is there, you’ve seen something—I’m pretty sure—but every time I […]

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