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10 Things I Wish I Knew in My 30’s

21. November 2011


Ever look back on yourself a decade of so ago and wonder, “What do I know now that I wish I knew then?” Here’s a list of … 10 Things I wish I knew in my 30’s. –>

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Stop Sucking Now!

15. November 2011

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I believe there’s a virus in our culture, a hidden agreement we’ve made with the world around us to turn a blind eye to things, places, business, products that suck. And that many of us have come to accept this suck as a given, a fact of the evolving world. And it’s time to STOP […]

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Bigger Biceps with Bread and Butter Tim Tebow

14. November 2011


My Denver Bronco’s are bore-ing! Yep, Boring with a capital-B, thanks to one of the NFL’s most high-energy athletes, Tim Tebow. Since inserting Tebow as the starting QB the Broncos have gone from one of the leagues leading passing teams to a throw-back style—ground and pound—running team. They won yesterday completing only two passes. A […]

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