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The 90-Days of Junk Food Experiment | What Happens to the 10 People

30. September 2011


As the instigator of this thought experiment, I get both the luxury and the responsibility of going last. But, as you likely can guess, I knew what the answer was—my answer, going in. That’s not so say what I am about to tell you is true but it was what I believe, given the people […]

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Will 90-Days of “Grazing” Make You Fat?

27. September 2011


What do you think? I want to know… I was talking with some friends the other day and we got into a bit of a heated debate about the scenario I’m about to share with you. But before I lay it out for you, I need (and want) to hear your opinion on this. Tell […]

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Super-Compensation: How You’d Get Stronger if You Were a Muscle

21. September 2011

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Let’s say you are a muscle. Okay? Yes, a good looking muscle with a great smile and terrific personality, but a muscle nonetheless. Oh yes, and you’re also a muscle belonging to a strong, healthy person who trains you. First, you undergo intense stress as you are trained—with great focus and intensity. On a cellular […]

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