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Awakening Strength

13. April 2011


Today’s Shake Break video is an extension of the previous Shake Break video, You & A Dumbbell. Hence the similar look and feel. If you’ve ever wondered if Strength training were your “thing” or felt awkward in the iron area of the gym, this is a message for you. That means it’s a message for […]

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Shake Break: You & A Dumbbell

11. April 2011

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Recently, I was training with a friend… This is a friend who’s not been Strength training much lately and who doesn’t have a strong history of it. This experience was a great reminder of the different challenges each phase of training holds. It’s easy to forget what it felt like to get your body moving, […]

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Reason #9: Why You Fail at Fitness

7. April 2011


This is reason #9 (of 10) from a New Years Day Post: Top 10 Reasons You Fail at New Years Resolutions. As we the new year gives to spring, I re-discovered this post and really enjoy it. It’s real, compact, clear and inspiring and it’s the freaking truth for most people, be it Jan or […]

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