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The NEW MANual: A Man’s Guide to Purpose, Passion and a Kick-Ass Life

26. October 2010


What are you on this earth to do? Do you ever feel that subtle pull to something greater, something more? At times it’s an inner voice squirming in frustration, but more often it arises as boredom, lack of passion, a struggle to sustain your efforts. Trust me, you’re not alone. The wake up calls, the […]

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The Warrior You

20. October 2010


I love inspirational quotes. Something about the moments of timeless truth and wisdom that can awaken the soul. I came across this quote last night while writing on “Purpose.” Instantly loved it. I thought of you—that you’d appreciate it too. Here you go…

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When Getting Better Isn’t: The Endless Improvement Trap

12. October 2010


Never-ending, perpetual, ceaseless improvement. To reach your peak and then get better… and better, and better. We expect nothing less from ourselves, our children and even our favorite teams and athletes. Do you feel this pull? Where each new peak in fitness instantly becomes your new baseline? It seems like a good idea, like a […]

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