Do You Feel Lucky, Man? Well… Do Ya?

Mon, Aug 16, 2010

Do you feel lucky man?

It’s great to have luck on your side.

But you can’t count on it. Luck comes and it goes.

That’s why you don’t leave your finances, home, education or your family’s future to “luck.” Wise men have a plan for things that define “a life well-lived.”

Unfortunately, most of these same wise men leave their health, energy and vitality entirely to luck. They wake up each day and blindly roll the dice.

Sure, we could stand to “drop a few,” and feel more energy, get a little more spring in our step, but like most men in the prime of life, we’re busy “working the plan.”

With the demands of career, relationships, family, and friends; social time and even sleep become luxuries. Spending hours in the gym and eating right is just not happening.

If you’re feeling the increasing weight of life, the constant squeeze on your time and enjoyment for life, you’re not alone. Life has a way of squeezing itself out of even the strongest man.

“Men in the middle” of even the best life face challenges. Conditioned to self-sacrifice, we go, go, go until we can go no more; then drop. We use ourselves up first, yet, deep inside knowing that we can’t let our family, friends or careers down.

It’s the tug-o-war between doing what’s right for others and doing what’s right for you. That’s the dilemma of modern man: How to be the man for your family, deliver the goods for your business and remain strong, vital, and self-assured.

As energy is truly the currency of life, it’s energy you need for the time you want.

You don’t need some made-for-TV, reality show life makeover. You just need to get a little mo—mojo and momentum going to start bending life in your favor.

Grade-A Energy for the Type-A Man

Where most driven men regularly fail in energy management is they fail to make deposits. A lifetime of withdrawals from your energy reserves means you’re on course for a personal energy crisis.

Energy is an inside out job. When it comes to stoking your energy reserves there are only two ways: Rest and regeneration—a.k.a. sleep—and life enhancing, energy sustaining nutrition. All the other “energy stimulators” are more like high-interest loans which can reallocate energy, robbing it from the future for now but never truly adding to.

To get ahead men quite willingly sacrifice self. And when time is more precious than you, sleep is the first to go—nutrition a close runner-up (in the rare case it wasn’t already “lost”).

Sleep is sleep—you have to have enough sleep or your functioning is compromised; mentally, emotionally, physically. To a stressed, man on the run who’s sleep compromised, nourishing your body for energy, health, and vitality is a challenge that’ll have to wait.

In tough times, like every day, men eat to survive, not thrive. We stuff our mouths with whatever we find as long as it quiets the hunger and lets us get back to what we were doing.

The First Great Sacrifice

For the driven, wanna-be high-performer, the first sacrifice of their day is the worst sacrifice.

You’ve heard it your entire life; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet most busy men have convinced themselves that skipping breakfast in favor of coffee saves time.

In nearly every physical way you can imagine skipping your morning nourishment is a devastating mistake but there’s much more to the function of breakfast than just nutrition itself.

Your first meal of the day is as much a statement of intention as it is about nutrition. It’s a reflection of the respect for yourself and the expectations you have for your day.

For the truth is your day will rise or fall to meet the physical, mental and emotional energy quality and tone that you set to start your day.

Taking the 5, 10 or even 15 minutes to properly, thoughtfully nourish your body and mind is a strong statement to universe that set the tone and intention you’re your day. Repeated daily it’s a ritual and mantra that elevates and empowers your every single day.

Sure, the foods you eat, for lunch, diner and in between—the way you eat day in and day out is vitally important—it will make or break your life but for the man in demand there’s something even more powerful, more magical and more important about the ritual of breaking-fast and breaking-strong.

For this reason, I challenge every man reading this article, every man who wants more time, more freedom, more energy and more success in their life, to begin your morning with the respect and attention it deserves…for the results you deserve.

The Full Strength Man

When it comes to eating for strength, energy and success there is no one size fits all solution. We are different men with different values, goals and demands. For some a power-breakfast may be grilled rattle snake with grits, and for others eggs and oatmeal—as it was for me for years.

For thousands of high-performing men, the “start strong” meal of choice is a shake; a Full Strength total nutrition shake. It’s why I choose and why I created it. There’s no better, faster and more empowering way to wake up your mind, invigorate your body and get life bending in your favor.

An intelligent, source of integrated nutrition, Full Strength tastes like a delicious home-made milkshake, nourishes like a perfect meal, and energizes your body and mind like magic. It’s the quick, easy way to get luck back on your side.

For most Full Strength men it’s the freedom, the ease and the rhythm of starting each day with Full Strength that sets the tone for achievement, success and confidence. The balanced, premium quality nutrition sets a lofty intention of success for the day and gets you clear, energized and going strong from the start.

The great Roman Philosopher, Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…

When you start each day strong, with a well nourished body and mind you embrace your day knowing you’re prepared for whatever life has to offer, ready to seize the opportunity it brings.

When you do this simple thing, day in and day out, it’s amazing how luck aligns with your goals and visions and success befalls you almost without effort.

That’s why Full Strength may be the most delicious way to get lucky!

To Your Life @ Full Strength,
"Shawn" :-)
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3 Responses to “Do You Feel Lucky, Man? Well… Do Ya?”

  1. Mike Green Says:

    I love the line “Your first meal of the day is as much a statement of intention as it is about nutrition.” so true.

    When I started eating breakfast, my whole world changed. Physically, mentally, and emotionally I was more “there”. My mind is quicker, and my waistline is smaller.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Yes, well said Mike.

      Reminds me of what a Full Strength’er sent me years ago…

      He said, “Full Strength, Quickens my body,
      sharpens my mind, and keeps me going strong
      all day long. It’s the perfect, balanced, nutritious
      food when life demands my absolute best!”

      I wish I’d said that but either way… great stuff!


  2. mark hiddleson Says:

    is there an optimal time to eat breakfast? I have eaten between 10 and 11 am for years and it feels like the right formula for me. it feels better for me to work out first, then eat. is there any science on that?


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