10 Things I Believe

Mon, Jun 7, 2010

1. I believe what limits us from our potential is always inside.

2. I believe you are more powerful and more capable than you can imagine.

3. I believe no man is an island—your greatness is found in unity and through community and support to and from others.

4. I believe in food over pharmacy.

5. I believe motivation can be personal, but true inspiration originates in and is energized by sharing with others.

6. I believe owning all the results of our lives—good, bad and other—releases us fully from the suffering and powerlessness of being a victim.

7. I believe most men accept a loss of energy, vitality and strength far too willingly, far too soon.

8. I believe quantum change is achieved through small rituals repeated daily.

9. I believe what you eat is reflected in who you are, who you are is visible in how you eat, and each day is a direct reflection of how well you nourished your body, mind and soul first thing in the morning.

10. I believe a strong, vibrant USA begins with a strong, vibrant YOU!

A Stronger U  >>  A Stronger US  >>>   A Stronger USA

What do you believe?

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To Your Life @ Full Strength,
"Shawn" :-)
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48 Responses to “10 Things I Believe”

  1. Dr. Molly Barrow Says:

    I believe that how you deal with grief and loss in your past predicts whether you can achieve progress, happiness and success, or if you stay stuck in anger and self destructive behavior.


  2. Frank Says:

    I believe if you make a free offer it should be free. $5.95 shipping is not free. It does not cost $5.95 to ship two drink packets. I would rather you make an offer of a huge discount on a full box of the product than tell me it is free to discover it COST to get the FREE product.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Thanks for your post Frank.

      I like your thinking… Did you find shipping at $5.95… I thought it was set to $3 but either way, yes, shipping. I know that it seems like a bit of a catch at times. Something I’ve struggled with.

      Challenge is that it’s very important to me that people who don’t know what a nutrition shake is or could be, get a chance to try and feel Full Strength. It will open thier minds.

      And then the people who have tried and even enjoyed other, first generation shakes, get the experience for Full Strength. So I have chosen to make a way to access the samples for people who don’t want to commit to more, who simply have too many barriers up now… and do so easily.

      The shipping I have learned over 20 years in the nutrition business is essential for keeping out the “riff raff” if you know what I mean. Invariably completely free on all fronts starts the feeding frenzy for a class of consumers that no one wants to struggle with. Ironically, it’s those who pay the least or lowest amounts who will complain about everything and make your life difficult. Never mind the orders of 100’s of samples… which happen any way.

      So, how about $3 shipping... can you swallow that? Even if you chase it with a Full Strength?

      How about if I take the $3 off your next order? That seems pretty fair… small fee for sparing the bigger purchase risk.

      If not, if you’re ready for a REAL true experience try the TWO WEEK CHALLENGE. That’s the real “big boy” move any way. For the reality is that you can taste how great Full Strength is in a shake and feel how it works in your day but to get the true change, an idea of how it can impact your life, you need to enjoy one a day for two weeks. That’s where the magic kicks in.

      So, you can do the 2-Week Challenge Risk FREE… try it for 2 weeks, follow it and if you don’t love it. Let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase and shipping price. that’s the simple, no risk, no BS deal….

      Ideally we can set this up so we don’t even bill you in advance but that’s not working yet. Would that be better for you?

      Removing the risk is my focus given my confidence in the Full Strength experience. If you don’t love how you feel, the energy and changes, I’m happy to help you on your way to find what would work for you. For I know that’s the exception… very rare one.

      If you’re up for the Full Strength 2-Week Challenge, go here and let’s get started!

      Thanks for your sharing!


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Frank… did you ever take a sample?

      Send me a DM… message.



  3. Patrick Hitches Says:

    Great way to get this Monday of life opportunity going … Love this list brother! Your life philosophy and positive energy that exudes from your being continues to fuel my internal flame. Keep rocking it Shawn!

    Patrick Hitches


  4. Dr. Miriam Blum Says:

    Thanks Shawn for this thoughtful, inspiring blog.
    I believe that self-determination based on awareness and personal responsibility is both the process and purpose of a meaningful and satisfying life.


  5. Jill Says:

    Thanks Shawn for another amazing blog. Great list. It is printed and hanging next to my computer monitor so I can read it often.


  6. tom srsich Says:

    #7 has me right now. Working right now to reverse. thanks for the reminder


  7. Randy Hanson Says:

    I believe that most fear is imagined and acts like a prison to one’s potential and fulfillment.

    I believe that if one focuses on being a lifetime creator of value by improving events, themselves and others they will find success and fulfillment.

    I believe that like our bodies, we can physically change our brains (and therefore our thinking) with the right training and repetition.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Strong and wise beliefs that share with you!

      Thanks for sharing…

      Soundsoccer.com <– Share more? What's that about? Cool…



      • Randy Hanson Says:

        SoundSoccer.com? Thanks for asking :)

        I am a college soccer coach and coach instructor. Many other coaches asked what the best resource might be for their ongoing education. There are some great resources out there, but I did not find one that hit the mark for me on teaching both the game and developing people, so I created one :)

        Memory and bandwidth started to add up so I applied a business model to the site, charging a small monthly fee. It is my contribution beyond my college team and season.

        I have grand ideas of making the game better for both players and coaches.

        Thanks again for asking!



        • Shawn Phillips Says:

          Very cool… my son, who is 6 loves the game and I want to find a way to get him more engaged, to tap into his strengths and interest without being “one of those” parents.

          Any ideas?

          Maybe you already have stuff on that… think it’s a great sport and a great time to be involved.

          Will dig in and check it out.



          • Randy Hanson Says:

            You know much more about the implications of physical training than I do, but I am a true believer in a well-rounded athletic experience for both development and enjoyment. The tough part is the sport is going down the wrong road toward early specialization. It will be an art to keep him doing soccer AND other activities for fear of “getting behind”. If anyone can do it you can :)

            I read somewhere that to develop athleticism in young ones they should do three activities during separate “seasons”: soccer, gymnastics and martial arts.

            Another thing to keep in mind is that soccer is one of the first games a child can play so it becomes their first favorite, only to be left behind after experiencing other sports.

            It will either be his love or a nice athletic developmental “holding pattern” until other sports can be played.

            Happy to help in any way I can.

  8. Bob Painter Says:

    I believe that every day is a gift from God. The results of your gift is by making 2 simple decissions….Choices and Attitude! Choose wisely!


  9. Dave Soucy Says:

    Great post Shawn, simple yet powerfully true. I especially a fan of #6, as once someone stops playing the victim card and takes ownership of their situation, many of your other points will start to fall into place.



  10. Paul Hughes Says:

    I believe we learn more about ourselves through adversity than through success.


  11. RJ Says:

    I believe that we have barely touched on our human potential.


  12. Mark Hiddleson Says:

    This is right on and comes at a perfect time for me. Thank you.

    #6 has been my #1 for years. i love #8.




  13. Eric Lingenfelter Says:

    I believe too many of us repeatedly settle for failure, when success continually remains as an option.


  14. Billie Koeppen Says:

    Shawn, Great things to think about! I especially like #3. The personal success rate increases tremendously as we have a support group…and this help one increase their own greatness by being a part of that community. NICE, strong work! (I’m telling ya, your momma raised some brilliant boys! ) Billie


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Yes, actually it was a lot in the Transformation community that spawned this whole thing for I do strongly believe we succeed more for others, and live into what others believe us capable of doing and being.

      Mom appreciates your words… as do Bill(y) and I.

      In Strength,


  15. On a limb with Claudia Says:

    I love this “quantum change is achieved through small rituals repeated daily.” I can’t think of anything more true.

    Recently, I heard Dr. Oz say 5 handfuls of broccoli will reduce your risk of cancer and I thought, who the hell only eats 5 handfuls of broccoli. (Ok, I’m a broccoli nut.) Small change is the only change that really works!

    Thanks for always being you, Shawn. Yay!


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Great one to hold firm… love the one too. We lose a lot of hope and progress by waiting for magic solutions.

      That’s funny about the broccoli too. Seems so many experts, good people most, are trying to hard to have interesting factoids and lose site of the reality of life and gravity.

      Keep it simple, keep it clean… keep it real.



  16. Lisa Haas Says:

    If I believe what I learn to be truth I will never forget. I still practice what I learned from Shawn and Bill a decade ago and continue to share it with others.


  17. Paul Chang Says:

    Thanks Shawn for the inspirational nuggets.

    I believe we are created not just to fulfill our own dreams, aspirations and purposes but to fulfil God’s purpose for us.

    I believe things which we can discern with our 5 senses are ephemeral and will not last forever. Things which are beyond these, endure for eternity.

    I believe we need to respect and nurture our minds, bodies, spirit and soul everyday.

    I believe in the importance of exercise. I also believe that we do not exercise just to keep fit but that we want to keep fit so that we can enjoy our exercise.

    I believe we are blessed so as to be a blessing to others; it’s our privilege to treat others better and help others breathe a little easier (there are literally thousands perishing in the world each day).

    I believe we should sincerely help others without expecting anything in return.

    I believe people may forget what we did or said, but they will never forget how we made them feel.

    I believe in FAMILY – Father And Mother I Love You.

    I believe we should not be afraid of what others say about us but must be very afraid of what we say to ourselves and be very alert to what God says to us.

    I believe that nobody can make us feel inferior without our consent.

    I believe we need to have the courage to follow the voice of truth and not the voice of the majority or popularity.

    I believe we need to speak up for those who cannot do so.

    I believe we need to challenge our limits, unleash our willpower, never give up but redefine what is humanly possible.

    I believe that a right amount of stress is beneficial; like the strings of a violin, no stress applied – nothing happens, too much stress – the strings break, just enough stress – beautiful music emerges.

    I believe that even if a string breaks, it is the artiste’s task to find out how much music we can still make with what we have left.

    I believe good intentions without action are useless.

    I believe that if we do what we love, we do not have to work a single day in our lives.

    I believe the ends do not justify the means.

    I believe that it does not matter whether the cat is black or white. So long as it catches mice, it’s a good cat.

    I believe in the Malay proverb: “sikit sikit (little by little) lama lama (over a course of time) jadi (becomes) bukit (a mountain)”. It’s the little things in life that make the difference.

    I believe we do not really have to pursue happiness, let happiness pursue us. Happiness is already within us, around us and in God.

    I believe we need to be always grateful and thankful for what we have and learn the secret of contentment while living life to the fullest.

    I believe that each day without laughter is wasted.

    I believe in the “paradoxes” of life; the first shall be the last, the one who gives away – gains, the one who is quiet and controls is strong, the servant shall be the leader and the humble shall be exalted.

    (Caveat: Some of these beliefs are deeply personal, others are what I’ve learnt from others. Have to confess, still trying to live up to the ideals of some of these beliefs. Am aware and do acknowledge the admonition: “what you believe is borne out by how you behave.”)


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Thank you for your deep and thoughtful sharing! I appreciate your courage and commitment.

      And worry not, for we’ll all be forever striving to live up to our ideals!

      To Your Life @ Full Strength,


    • Jill Says:

      Wow Paul…between you and Shawn all of the best in life is covered. One of my favorites is…”I believe that each day without laughter is wasted.” Thanks to both of you.


  18. Jonathan Says:

    I believe that having finally awakened to the possibilities that lay slumbering inside me was the biggest achievement I’ve made this year! It is appreciation to both Shawn and Tripp Lanier (of the New Man Life) that have helped show me that life is what I choose, not how it is delivered to me.


  19. Laurie Says:

    Great list and food for thought . . .

    I believe that we spend most of our lives worrying about things that will never happen.

    I believe that we should treat others like we would like to be treated.


  20. Dr. Erwin Jay, O.D. Says:

    Re: The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would like to have done”, or treat others as you would like to be treated has been modernized by Tony Alessandra, a very successful speaker and author and consultant. He “Invented” what he calls the “Platinum Rule”. Folowing the golden rule, if you would like to eat a steak dinner and you take a friend with you and order a steak for them too, then you discover that they are VEGETARIAN, have you done them a favor? The Platinum Rule says “Do unto others as THEY would like to have done!”In the above case, I would simply ask, “What is YOUR favorite restaurant? ” and then we both go there. I can certainly find something for just one meal to enjoy from their menu. This Platinum Rule can be applied to a lot of areas, not just food. Find out what the other person wants first and if it is not a violation of your personal beliefs, share the experience.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Nice to see ya Dr. Jay. Always something brilliant and compassionate to add!



    • Randy Hanson Says:

      There is another rule that has surfaced for me regarding those who are very hard on themselves (e.g. perfectionists) and seemingly treat themselves worse, especially regarding self-talk, than they treat others.

      I am not sure where to attribute it and am not sure what it is called … perhaps “The Personal Rule”?

      “Do unto yourself as you would unto others.”


  21. Mike Says:

    I believe it takes leadership like yours to tip the balance from weakness and unhealthiness, to strength and vitality.
    By the way,just finished reading SFL. What a new way of approaching working out! It has turned my daily practice on it’s ear. Thank you.


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