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Dissecting the Consumer Reports “Health Alert on Proteins” [Part 1]

25. June 2010


n the event you’ve been in a media black out and missed it, there’s buzz about the article “Health Alert: Protein Drinks” featured in the July 2010, issue of Consumer Reports Magazine. The article (links at bottom of post) presents the results of tests done for arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury on 15 different “protein […]

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How Al Lost 136 and Found Strength

15. June 2010


Al’s always been a big man. Tipping the scales at 340 lbs, Al made a promise to his dying father that he’d make a change which led him to go under the knife for gastric bypass surgery. Last week Al’s journey was chronicled; a lifelong struggle with weight, multiple failed attempts at dieting, his gastric […]

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10 Things I Believe

7. June 2010


1. I believe what limits us from our potential is always inside. 2. I believe you are more powerful and more capable than you can imagine. 3. I believe no man is an island—your greatness is found in unity and through community and support to and from others. 4. I believe in food over pharmacy. […]

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