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Are You Giving Your Body The Finger?

26. February 2010


Like a newborn child, each day is born anew holding nothing but pure potential, possibility and dreams of grand achievement…How did you embrace this priceless gift? With reverence; nurturing your body, mind and soul…or…by giving your body, mind, and energy the firm, stiff middle finger…?

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How to Find a Fitness Guru & Not Get Fooled…

17. February 2010

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How do you do it? When the time comes to make a change, to explore a new approach, how can you choose your next fitness program or “guru” with confidence? Millions of options. Only one you…. … Choosing a new fitness path makes “Vegas odds” look good. It’s overwhelming.

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My 5 Lessons in Success from Super Bowl XLIV Champion Saints

9. February 2010


The definition of success is as individual as each of us. Yet there’s a common element in the desire to succeed that propels and sustains us through the worst of times. It’s something much, much deeper than the jubilation of victory, the Gatorade bath and fist pumping celebration. Perhaps it’s a desire to experience a […]

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