My Top 10 Health & Fitness Predictions for 2010

Tue, Dec 29, 2009

carnac_2010If you’re of a fitness mindset—if you’re on the lookout for new ways to live leaner, stronger and better, as the saying goes, the future’s so bright you’re gonna have to wear shades.

Ouch! That was a bit of a painful flashback.

Without further ado, here are my Top 10 Most Exciting Health, Fitness & Nutrition Predictions 2010.

If these don’t get you geared up and ready for an amazing year then well… here we go…

No. 1. The Ab-Rock-n-Roller Strikes Infomercial Gold!
In a desperate attempt to strike infomercial gold a team of rocket-scientists will merge the Ab-Rocker with the Ab-Roller. The resulting machine will produce a tear in the fabric of space time and bring Elvis back to life.

No. 2. 14. Tony Horton Becomes a Free Agent but Not for Long
When Beachbody (P90X’s corp.) opts not to renew his contract, Tony Horton is picked up by EAS who promptly dilutes his workouts by 80% and replaces all the normal people with massive, steroid infused bodybuilders for effect.

No. 3. The Hidden Secret Inside All Diet Books
The vast majority of the 277 Diet books published in 2010 will once again turn out to be just as effective as the person using them.

No. 4. It’ll Make You Lean, Fit and Attractive, Instantly
A new miracle pill will be invented that makes you instantly fit, lean and uncontrollably attractive. Millions will try it only to find they are still unhappy and seeking something to fix.

No. 5. Fat-Loss Supplements Will Deliver Only Not to Consumers
Consumers will waste more than a billion $ on fat-loss supplements in an “at all cost” attempt to avoid the hard-work of eating right and exercising. They will once again fail—a tragedy the industry celebrates for it ensures the next consumer for the new product is same as the old.

No. 6. More Pro-Athletes Will Get In Trouble and Forget to Accept Responsibility
13 pro-athletes will get DUI’s, 5 will be arrested for domestic abuse, 7 suspended for smoking marijuana and they’ll all blame it on having ingested a supplement that unknowingly contained these illegal substances and/or actions.

No. 7. Pro-Bodybuilding Reaches New and Messy Peak
The ever increasing cartooning size of the pro-bodybuilders will reach a disturbing pinnacle at the 2010 Mr. Olympia with a contestant exploding into a million tiny pieces while posing on stage. Well practiced at downplaying real issues and concern, the pro-bodybuilding “heads” will promptly release the statement, “He meant to do that!”

No. 8. Study Reveals the Shocking Truth About P90x
Shocking scientific study will reveal that P90x is no more effective than simply training your ass off an hour a day for 90 days!

No. 9. The First Fair Trade Fish Oils
In an effort to satisfy the escalating desperate need for Omega-3’s in the vegan community, a group of activists will attempt to establish the first “fair trade” fish oils, by talking the fish into giving their fats away.

No. 10. The Best Kept Secret in Nutrition: Revealed
I’ll come up with another 10 grade-A excuses to avoid widely telling the Full Strength story and it’s growing body of science and success stories. Unfortunately, one of the many high-profile celebrities who live it, will let their secret slip and the best built secret in nutrition will be outed leading to even greater challenges with keeping up with demand.

Exciting stuff, no doubt. Now, keep in mind I can’t guarantee any of these for they are after all, predictions. But if they all come true or just a few are realized no doubt when in for an exciting—dare I say Transformative year ahead.

Here’s to your best year ever in 2010!

To Your Life @ Full Strength,


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2 Responses to “My Top 10 Health & Fitness Predictions for 2010”

  1. Ervin Says:

    I know a few of your predictions will come true, especially #5! I know for me 2010 will be a transformative year. Keep doing a great job Shawn!


  2. Brandon Says:

    Pretty funny Shawn! Who knew there would be so many break throughs. ;)


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