The Yin-Yang of the Holly Jolly…

Wed, Dec 23, 2009

breathe_blog‘Tis the holiday season; a time of joy, of celebration, of family, friends and feast.

Amidst all the wonder, it’s also a time of hustle and bustle, of busy-ness and stress.

With Christmas on top of you and the New Year near, I invite you to take this moment to breathe!

Cease all other activity and fill your lungs to their tip-top with all the clean, crisp air they can receive. Pause for a moment or two, then let the air escape until your lungs a as empty as they were full.

Again. Breathe in, to full capacity. Pause and exhale. And again.

Feel the ground, solid, under your feet as the energy in your core begins to refill. After just a minute of this practice you will feel lighter as tension is released from your body.

To breathe is to be the flow of energy, the rhythm of life. It is at once both the giving of life and the receiving of life.

Giving as Receiving

During the holidays it’s giving we celebrate. That’s great, for giving is a vital force for good in this world. Giving generates.

Yet, just as receiving air fills your lungs and invigorates life in you, so does the act of receiving.

In the absence of receiving there can be no giving.

Your capacity to give—be it love, strength, compassion, or resources—is ultimately only as strong as your capacity to receive the same.

Just as it does with your breath, one expands or contracts the other. Take but a small breath of air and you can but only give on that small amount back out.

In the Eastern traditions this concept of two opposing yet interconnected and interdependent forces that give rise to each other is captured in the Yin-Yang.

Giving and receiving, like night and day, dark and light, female and male, low and high, are natural dualities—complimentary opposites within a greater whole. As one aspect gives rise to the other.

To constrict receiving will constrict giving. If we only give, denying receiving we cut off the flow for ourselves and others.

Commit this moment to ground yourself in openness and receiving and in so doing honor yourself and to send a powerful message to the universe that you are worthy; you are the source; a deserving recipient of appreciation, gratitude and abundance.

F.I.T. : How to Get Your Training “in the Flow”
In your physical training these principles for expanding your energy, strength and capacity are captured in my F.I.T. practice in my most recent book, Strength for LIFE.

Focus Intensity Training (F.I.T.) is a practice of mastering the flow of energy in the conscious presence of strength integrating body, mind and spirit with the universal principles found in yoga, martial arts and even the rhythm of your beating heart.

Your focused mind producing laser-like concentrated energy in your body, is as elevated and intense as the preceding receptive phase, the embracing of energy and harmony. F.I.T. is an integrated, escalating flow state of receiving and giving in seamless succession.

PS The perfect gift for yourself or another this holiday may be Strength for LIFEThe New Guide to Wholistic Transformation from the inside out.

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  1. Liz Says:

    Hello Shawn,

    I have been a yoyo dieter for many years. I could probably write a book on what not to do. I have struggled with my weight for years and years. My problem is staying motivated and I want to know which diet is best for all around healty lifestyle. From low carbs to no carbs to exercise your brains out, I’ve done it all. There are millions of books that claim they know it all. It can make a person so confused you really cannot say which is best. Can you help?


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