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Success Lesson #9:
Bright Lights, a Gold Medal, and the Illusion of Success

30. September 2009


We’re obsessed with results, manic to cross the finish line so we can get to celebrating our terrific success. We covet the gold medal yet find the training, competing and even winning stuff—all that hard work so “old school.” Do we have to waste time with the “getting there” part? So what’s the issue? It’s […]

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Challenge Success Lesson #8:
Why It’s Not What You Eat That Makes You Fat!

22. September 2009


Have you ever dared consider how you might eat more—a lot more and lose bodyfat? Or have you too bought in to the mass media hypnosis that you are certain there is but one way? Diets are all about limiting your food intake—they’re about “less.” But there is another way… a way in which you […]

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Challenge Success Lesson #7:

“A Pound of Fat Is Hard As Hell To Lose!”

14. September 2009


When was the last time you burned over 9,000 calories in a single training session? Check out this brief video and hear about my experience with burning well over 9k in a single day–and the short lived elation when I got real about just what that means in terms of fat-loss.

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