The 10 Best Things About Being A Dad

Tue, Jun 23, 2009

sp_bp_mtn_2Yesterday was father’s day—a holiday I used to resist. I thought it a bit unnecessary. “Why dedicate one day to showing our father’s we care when we can do it 365 days a year?,” I reasoned.

Well, now that I am a father my view on this has made a 180. I still remember my first father’s day (now 10, geeze) 5 years ago, surprised I was by how great it felt to belong to the category of fathers. It was also special because my dad, BP, was alive and we both got to share the day.

Yesterday may well have been my best father’s day since.

Sure, it’s great to get gifts and just be recognized but what struck me is how much better I am with self-care, with putting myself near the top of the list on this one day. In my experience this is a place where most father’s struggle—finding time for me.

To all those father’s out there: I hope that you too enjoyed a day where you were the featured attraction. And perhaps were able to anchor the feeling and recognize that while the family will always be first in mind and heart—taking care of self enables us to be more and give more to our children and spouses.

Riding my bike through the stunning Colorado mountains yesterday I was contemplating the best things about being a dad. What follows are the highlights.

If you’re a dad, you need only skim these as I am sure you’ll connect with them instantly. At the end there’s a space for your story. I’d love to hear your favorite thing about being a dad. Whether it’s already on my list or not, share yours and I’ll make it worth your time, promise.

The 10 Best Things About Being A Dad

1. You finally know how your dad feels about you.

Regardless of the circumstances of your childhood, the moment you go from being “a guy” to being a father you “get it.” That is the feeling of what it is to love something more than life itself. I recall how my view of my father transformed in an instant. For I knew, no matter what he ever did or said, he too had felt “this” for me, my brother and sister. It’s not an optional feeling. nathaniel_me

2. You know what it means to love something more than yourself.

Let’s face it, for all guys call sacrifice and profess to “give it up for,” not until we have a child do we really truly get what it is to hold something or someone else more important than self. And I believe this is a vital, transformational experience in life.

3. Whatever your age, kids make you young again.

If you’re a father you get this—if you’re not there yet, trust me on this. It’s so true. Your kids energy doesn’t wait on you. You get moving whether you want to or not. And they keep you playing more and seeing the world through the eyes of innocence that we’ve all worn once.

4. Being a dad makes you a better man.

I think we all like having the opportunity to be a mentor—to help someone learn and grow. It’s inherent in our DNA. And being a father is the ultimate mentoring opportunity—you get to truly shape a life(s). When it becomes obvious that it’s not just what you want them to pick up that they learn, you start thinking about choices you’d not given a second thought to before. Things like where you go, how you get there, who you hang around, etc. It all matters but what matters most is the man you are.

5. It’s a license to be silly and play

Once out of college it seems like the world gets pretty darn serious real quick. Having children brings play back into your life. Whether it’s wrestling around, dancing, making faces, telling jokes or playing tag—you’ve got a license to be your silliest. It’s hard not to go to a playground and play—just as I imagine it’s hard to go to a playground and play if you don’t have kids. It can look bad–so if you must at least stay off the monkey bars if you’re over 30.

6. It awakens you to your global responsibility.

Being a father makes you instantly more accountable and responsible to the world around us. Even if you’re one who’s been outspoken about your concern for the environment, politics or social issues of the day—with children suddenly you become more aware of everything that will impact the next generation and the next.

7. Someone is truly intrigued by your life wisdom stories.

Face it, guys like to tell stories from our formative years. As a father you finally have someone who is truly interested in all those stories that have bored others to tears for years. Enjoy the sharing and be a careful edit so as not to plant any unnecessary seeds—which I can tell you my dad did! They may take many years to materialize but trust me, really “good” stories can percolate for a long time.

8. You actually want someone to best you—to show you up!

While we all pull for friends and people we like, a child of your own is different story. It’s not just hoping they do well you truly want them to exceed any and every best you’ve ever enjoyed. It’s free from even the slightest jealousy of competitiveness and this is a refreshing, empowering feeling.

9. Being a father softens your heart and opens you to life.

No matter how focused you’ve been on getting ahead on your career and success—or how hardened your resolve from your own life circumstances, being a father will melt your heart. I won’t even try to explain it beyond that. At this point you either get it our you don’t. It’s that simple.

10. You’ve got Full Strength to help you be the world’s best dad!

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Stay Strong,

"Shawn" :-)

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11. You may get a glimpse into the strength of a mother.

No list of the sort would be complete without recognizing our partners in thisangie_nthnl_little life Transformation. It takes only a few short hours with the kid(s) alone to have an entirely new level of respect and admiration for the mom to your dad. Okay, these days “she” may well be “the mother of your children” but even if she’s the reason you no longer have your ‘77 Trans Am—you still know those moments of silent respect and appreciation for certain Strength(s) men simply don’t have.

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34 Responses to “The 10 Best Things About Being A Dad”

  1. Robert Reed Says:

    This was my first Father’s day of many. I cannot believe the difference in my health “attitude.” I was and to some degree still am out of shape. Before my son was born, I never thought about the gym. I was happily married, in a decent career, and looking to coast by onto the next phase of my life. Things started to take a turn for the worst when my health started to deteriate. My muscles were sore, in general my body ached, and I realized I was not going to be able to chase after a child. As time went on and the baby came closer to being born, I thought about all the things I could miss if I did not turn my life around. So, I started getting healthily, now my son will never know the out of shape me and if I can change this one thing, what else can I change. So, my favorite thing about being a father is knowing that I can work hard every day to leave this world a better place for my son to live.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Wow… not only ONE TOP of things but what a great perspective share. Like suddenly becomes real, things mean more, there’s something and someone else involved, counting on you.

      Way to “get it” to wake up. I congratulate you on your fatherhood and your awareness. The world needs more men like you stepping it up for family and the world.

      Here’s to your life at Full Strength!

      I’ll be getting your info to ship you off 14 days of empowering Full Strength soon!

      ~ In Strength,


  2. Robert Reed Says:

    Thank you, that sounds great, I look forward to trying this new product, Full Strength.

    It sounds great! I also look forward to your book Strength-for-Life!


  3. Joe Says:

    With my son being 3 years old now, the only thing I can say is that from the moment he was born, my health suddenly became one of my priorities, where it really wasn’t a big one before then. I bought some home exercise equipment and began training, knowing how much my son need a strong father, and a dad who can get down on the ground and play with him as rough, or as gentle as he needed. When I became that father for him, other things became more important to me as well. Like the environment, education, and general health. I got my wife interested in health too. The 3 of us eat healthy, and exercise regularly. As much as I’d love to win a 14 day supply of Full Strength, I also feel so blessed with what I have in my life, a healthy son and a healthy wife, that I think that somebody else is more deserving of it, and possibly needs it more than I do. I just wanted you to know how important being a father has been for me these past 3 years. I cherish every moment I can spend with my son.


  4. Mark Alan Effinger Says:

    I have to say Shawn, being a Dad has been the most centering, remarkable “makeover” ever. I never anticipated having kids… but my then wife had other ideas. When she passed away last September, I came to realize even more, how much I receive from being the father of three… how complete they make my life…

    OK, now for the story: I was 6. In kindergarten.
    I was completely enthralled with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (an awesome show in the late 60’s). The flying sub was the thing that caught my attention the most. Battling both sea and sky at a moment’s notice.

    I am one of 6 kids, and my Dad was, at the time, a blue-collar sheetmetal worker. Every dollar counted in our house (every quarter, actually. To put it in perspective, my allowance was a dime…).

    heading our the door one day, I looked desperately for my red clay model of the Flying Sub. I had wrapped it in wet rags to keep the clay malleable and soft, so I could make it perfect before firing.

    My Dad had accidentally covered it in a 4-foot high pile of dirt from a pond he dug the night before.

    I cried.

    Dad called the shop and told them he’d be in “sometime soon”.

    Then he put shovel to dirt pile. 45 minutes of frantic digging later, filled with a smile and funny comments as more and more of the pile gave way, my rag-wrapped clay masterpiece appeared.

    Dad smiled, cleaned it off and played school-bus driver that day.

    To make my silly kids project more important than anything, for that 45 minutes… that’s a standard I strive to realize between me and my own kids.

    Shawn, I’ve heard you talk about your own son in terms only a loving father could. Thanks for allowing us into your word.

    Grace & Peace,


  5. Sean Says:

    Hey Shawn,

    Great post man!

    I just had my 2nd Father’s Day, but I am so glad that I get to have every day as a father for the rest of my life.

    I think the greatest gift when can give to our children is OUR time.

    By taking care of MY health and fitness I know that I am doing everything I can to take care of my daughter and show her the way to living a life of health and happiness.

    Dad will always be there with a strong shoulder to lean on…


  6. Scott Tousignant Says:

    Love your top 10 Shawn. My favorite is the license to be silly and play. Here’s one of my memorable moments as a father…

    When my daughter was 4 years old (she’s now 6), she was sitting at
    the table making a craft and she was getting very frustrated because it wasn’t working out. She was on the verge of giving up.

    My wife Angie approached her and asked her what the problem was. Angie then proceeded to tell Noelle to talk to herself and say “I think I can, I think I can…”

    …You know the story about the little engine that could. (I’m not sure why we ever lose those beliefs)

    Anyhow, Noelle started to repeat it to herself and sure enough she did it.

    Well that lesson really sunk in for her. Shortly after that she fell off a rather high slide at the park and she was really upset.

    …But we could see the unstoppable attitude creeping up. She picked herself up and got right back up on the slide and made it safely all the way down.

    At the bottom we heard her say to herself, “See I told you I could do it!”

    Then just over the weekend we were swimming at my parents house and Noelle was a bit nervous. She was wearing water wings plus she had a little inner tube around her.

    She refused to go in without the inner tube. She was actually a little terrified when we tried to get it away from her.

    A couple hours went by and most of us were out of the pool grabbing a bite to eat, but Noelle stayed in the pool paddling around.

    Then without hesitation she climbed onto the steps and ditched the inner tube and jumped in the water.

    There was a brief moment of fear and then quickly a joyous shout out, “Mommy look at me, I’m swimming!”

    We were all so excited. Angie asked her, “Did you tell yourself ‘I think I can’?”

    Noelle said, “No, I just kept saying ‘YES’, YES’!”

    These are huge lessons of living the unstoppable lifestyle. Having a powerful mindset is so much more than positive thinking.

    A large part of it has to do with attitude. Noelle clearly has an unstoppable attitude and Angie and I are continuing to nurture that attitude in her.

    Being a father sure presents you with countless opportunities to witness the miracle of life and living it to the fullest.

    Scott Tousignant


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Wow Scott… amazing share! Thank you… I’m honored and hope that others will read this.

      I know you’re an amazing dad. It shines through in your natural sharing of your strength in fitness.



  7. Lonnie Somers Says:

    Honestly the best thing about being a dad is having the opportunity to be a dad. Right before father’s day 2003, a few days prior to the birth of my twin identical daughters, I did not know if I would ever get to meet my daughters. 3 months prior, our pregnancy was diagnosed with a fetal syndrome called TTTS. We were told our only two options were to terminate or let them die in-utero. We did not accept this, but had little time to do something, if anything could be done. Thanks to being a strong advocate that there had to be hope, we found it and a week later we were having in-utero surgery to save my daughters’ lives. Couple days after father’s day 2003, my daughters were born healthy and fine (5 weeks early).

    I was scared prior to their birth that I may never have the pleasure of hearing my children call me “daddy”. Never get that hug that warms you heart. Never getting to teach them to ride a bike or pull that first tooth. Thanks to hope and strength, we changed the ending of our story. Today, my daughters’ lives inspired me to do more.. and thus we created Fetal Hope.. a foundation dedicated to helping families (some 800,000 pregnancies a year in the US) find hope, support and factual information.

    As a runner, the finish line was always about the medal.. today no medal necessary, no prize needed, just the smiles from my dauthers is all that will ever be needed.


  8. Kevin Ely Says:

    This was my third Father’s Day, but my first with two girls. Our second daughter was born 10 1/2 weeks premature on March 30th, weighing just 2 lbs. 10 oz. Over the past 12 weeks, we’ve watched her grow and develop into a very healthy baby, now weighing between 7-8 lbs. Besides the fact that we were blessed to have our little miracle do so well without any complications at this point, my wife and I appreciate the fact that we live such a healthy lifestyle which I believe has been a contributing factor to her progress, but will certainly be a big influence for both our girls long term growth and well being.

    Being a father makes me realize why I’m committed to live at Full Strength- because I want to live a long and healthy life watching my kids grow…and their kids… and maybe even one more generation after that.


  9. David Harris Jr. Says:

    This past Father’s day was a time of reflection for me. I have four beautiful kids ages 7,9,11, and 13. I appreciate all that my dad has done for me. I haven’t been the father I should be, but this past Father’s day made me realize that there are a lot of things that I can change. One of them is my health. I am really overweight with a body fat percentage of 47%. Fatherhood has been great, but I am not active with my kids like I should be and I don’t want them to end up out of shape like I am. We as fathers have an awesome responsibility to be an example for our children and this past Father’s day made me see that. So I will be in shape before next Father’s day and we will take a family bike ride next year or before that as a reward. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for all you do and happy belated Father’s day.


  10. Jim Longo Says:

    The best part about being a Dad for me is when I come home late at night from work (I work 4-12 as a police officer) and I can go into my boys room and watch them sleep. When I’m on that shift I almost always miss bedtime. The peace in their faces that I see makes me feel so good because I know they played hard. During their waking hours they were full of never ending energy, always going, always moving. I love that.

    One of the last things my Dad said to me before he died this past April was to always enjoy ever second with my boys. No matter how crazy they can make you at times, they will always look up to you, they will always see you as Dad. I didn’t quit get that until I lost my Dad, but now I know. Now I make sure I savor ever second with my little men.

    So one of my memorable moments with my little guys (Michael age 4 and Kevin age 1.5) was when we were in the basement, me in my office and them in the play room. I was working on school work for my Masters when I went in to check on them. But when I did Oh my god the room was destroyed. I can’t even describe how big of a mess they made. My first reaction was irritation. Then I thought to myself, I can see my Dad looking down on me at that moment and laughing. So I decided to join them.

    I went upstairs and grabbed 4 big blankets and went back down to the play room. I looked at Michael and Kevin and said boys today we are going to make a fort. So together we built a blanket fort that I have to say we pretty darn cool. The whole play room was used and when my wife came home I pulled her in with us and we all played in Fort Blanket for the rest of the night. It was really fun I have to say. I think my Dad was enjoying it too, at least I like to think so.


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Brilliant… way to choose your action rather than react. What great ages. My kids are near to that age and I am reminded every day and night that “this too shall pass” and try to be present, compassionate and strong in every moment. Try…

      In Strength,


  11. Gene Kosmark Says:

    I did not have any kids until 2 years after 9/11 (my 1st daughter was born in November 2003); however I learned an invaluable lesson that day. Working in NYC, I saw 1st hand the damage and destruction caused by others but it did not really “hit” me until my Samantha was born. I thought of all those parents who never had a chance to say goodbye, goodnight or simply “I love you” one last time to their sons & daughters. I knew what it must have felt like. I could relate to the sadness. Having children really has given me purpose and also has allowed me to realize not to take “life” for granted. I’ll bet some of those fathers were in top physical condition – perhaps they even sacrificed family time to squeeze in a workout that fateful day. Others were probably out of shape & sacrificed family time for other reasons. What’s my point? Enjoy every moment with your kids as life moves way too fast. Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the “present”. Tomorrow is a blank check you may never get to cash. As Sean says, live a life of balance, being careful not to lose sight of what’s truly important.


  12. Tito Says:

    Aloha Shawn,
    Prodigious post Bra!! I like you believe we should celebrate the great things in life every day (Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, St-Valentine’s Day) Your list covers pretty much all the things that I love about being a Dad. The best for me was to find the meaning of Unconditional Love, True Love. If we humans learned to love like this towards each other we would be more advanced species building peace around us.

    Live, Love, Learn and Enjoy!!



  13. Earl Bloom Says:

    Hey Shawn,

    I really enjoyed your post today about the 10 Best Things about Being a Dad… I couldn’t agree more with you that being a parent is one of life’s most treasured gifts, and it is certainly my responsibility to ensure that I am healthy in all ways (mind, body and spirit) so that I can not just set the right example for my 2 sons (Matt & Noah), but also to ensure that I am around for years to come!

    To be perfectly honest, just 6 months ago, that was NOT THE CASE!
    I weighed over 20 lbs more than today at that time, and it’s advice and mentoring from you and a few others “experts” I respect that has allowed me to change my lifestyle for the better.

    So what does all this have to do with Father’s Day?! Actually, a whole lot! You see, my kids were struggling to figure out what to buy me for Father’s Day… they considered muscle shirts, exercise gadgets, etc., but realized that I’d already stocked up on these items. So instead, they went to Costco and bought me a whole bunch of short sleeved Polo shirts to wear to work each day during these hot summer months. What is special about this is that they came home with Size “L”, which at first worried me… because I’ve been wearing a “tight” XL (around the mid-section) for so long!

    But they knew better, and told me that it’s time I tossed my baggy shirts and wore a size that would show off my new body. Not only were they right (and way smarter than me…), but they showed in their own special way how proud they are of the transformation I’ve made.

    So here’s to my boys and here’s to you for helping to make all this possible!

    Your friend,


    P.S. If you happen to talk to your brother, Bill, say hi to him too; his BFL program is also a major part of my foundation for positive change!


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Wooo Earl…

      Right on! Congratulations… I can not be more thrilled for you. And I have to say, you tell your story with great clarity and joy.

      What an amazing father enjoying his day.

      To Your Life @ Full Strength,


  14. Jerry Says:


    I turned 50 this year had have a 6 and 11 year old, boy and girl. I started getting in shape about 2.5 years ago and have been using Full Strength for about a year. I also take quality supplements and exercise with kettlebells 5 days a week. I also practice martial arts 2-3 days a week. I’ve lost about 45lbs and gained a lot of muscle. I’ve also incorporated morning quite times for Bible reading and prayer. All this has added balance and peace and vitality to my life, enabling me to be a better Father. As you said, if you are healthy and strong you can give more to your family.

    I really love the Full Strength and have read your book a few times. Even this morning I picked it up and read about motivation and mastery. Doing what you love in the path to mastery. Being a father is tragically unappreciated by far too many in our country. The misguided “men” miss the meaning of life and the opportunity to leave a legacy of love and inspiration for their children. Being a father is God’s gift to a man. The gift of love and meaning and purpose.

    Thanks for your inspiration and influence to so many. For a great product that enables men and women to live with improved health and strength.



  15. Cindy Says:

    Obviously, I am not a dad, but as a parent and knowing what lengths I will go to for my children and grandchild and how much pleasure I derive from watching them grow in wisdom and knowledge and strength, that helps me better understand how God feels about all his children and how he only wants what is best for us in a much deeper way than we could ever fathom.


  16. Darrin Says:

    I believe the best part of being a dad is watching your child put to use the lessons that they have been taught. I feel so proud of my son when he does the little things without anyone telling him to do it. Things such as helping clean up after dinner or taking out trash or just saying please and thank you. When that happens, and you don’t have to tell them, you know they have learned that lesson for life. For me, that is what being a dad is all about.


  17. suzanne phillips Says:


    With Love,Mom


  18. Bart Murray Says:

    If you are a Dad then you understand that unspoken bond that is forged in blood and spirit. That connection superseding time and space. That relationship that embodies leadership with true selflessness where your ego is checked at the door!


  19. Mark Alan Effinger Says:

    Whoa Shawn (and Shawn’s Mom).

    I don’t think there’s a better endorsement than a Mom-dorsement.

    And Shawn: Oh, man, do I understand the depth of that question. It was years before I received what felt like the blessing from Dad that I was doing a job of the caliber he would expect.

    I still look at my work and say, silently to myself, “what would Dad think?”

    Funny how those ghosts follow us.

    And Shawn’s Mom? You have done particularly well with this one.


  20. Michael Says:

    I have 4 children. This Father’s Day I did not get to see them because I am away doing some training as a soldier in the Army, but I did still get to talk to them. There are so many things I enjoy about my children and I am a very proud father, but the thing I enjoy most is getting to come home to them and hear the excitement in their voices as they yell, “Daddy’s Home” and run to give me hugs. No matter how hard my day was, that always helps to to put the important things in life in perspective and know that I am blessed.


  21. Michael Says:

    Thank you Shawn!! I will get to hear it this Friday; and even better, it is my oldest son’s 12th Birthday that day!! And your #11 bonus couldn’t be more true!! My wife is a teacher who is working on her Doctorate while being a mother of 4 and a military wife!! Truly amazing!!

    Best Wishes,


  22. Wayne Fox Says:

    This was my 9th Father’s Day and I would say it was by far the best Father’s Day I have had since at least my second. That second Father’s Day for me was during a 12 week cycle of Body for Life where I ended up losing 60 pounds of fat and re-gained my life using my son, Eric as a focus of inspiration. Over the years I had forgotten a lot of the BFL pricipals and had lost contact with reality. 9 weeks ago I re-located myself and re-gained my focus. Now, I have 2 little sources of focus, motivation and inspiration; Eric and also my 2 year old daughter Jordan. So far this journey I am on has allowed me to become 20.5 punds lighter, a lot more energetic and more involved in life, my own as well as my wife and kids’. This year for Father’s Day it was packed of the usual travel and visitation because between my wife and myself we have 3 fathers to visit plus my wife’s brother is also a father and we include him in our visitations. As much of a great day as I had enjoying it all this year two things really stood out for me. The first was the fact that my father, who was resistant to going to his boat for the day due to a weekly reaction he has from an arthritis medication, decided to go to the boat. We all met there and although my father didn’t do a lot due to the pain it was great seeing him there and spending the time with him. During the visit there we decided to go to dinner, which is where the 2nd stand out happened. During dinner my wife received a call. It was one of our good friends, Cindy, who was informing us that Cindy’s mother had passed away earlier in the day. As odd as this stand-out moment is for being on Father’s Day it is more of why it stands out. You see, Nikki (Cindy’s mother) had been suffering from cancer. Doctors had suggested that she may not make it through the month which created a fear for Cindy that her mother may pass on her youngest son’s birthday (6/30). Nikki must have been aware of this awkwardness as well and from what Cindy had told us, Nikki had told all 3 of her grandchildren that she would be going to live with Poppa Tony. This is where the stand-out moment comes in. Poppa Tony had passed away on Father’s Day 11 years ago. Nikki’s grandchildren did not have the opportunity to ever meet Poppa TOny, but he was a great man and Nikki loved him. Loved him so much in fact she deicded to create a new anniversary for the two of them, on a day that already honnored him. Nikki, Tony, from my wife, kids and of course Me, we love you both and feel comfort in you watching over us all.


  23. John Krecioch Says:

    WOW! Being a dad is such an honor. We are being intrusted with GOD’s children.

    I have 7 beautiful children (6 Little men and one little princess). They are in a wide range 6 moths, 4 years, 7 years, 11 years, 13 years, 15 years, and 18 years. The little girl is 7 years old. My wife and I are proud to say that they are ALL our children born to us. That in itself is amazing these days.

    My boys make me be strong and enjoy the sports and teams they love and I love (not always the same!) We have done some pretty amazing things and the spur of ther moment ones are the best.

    Two years ago at 5 am on Fathers day I woke my 3 oldest boys and we drove from Madison WI to Auburn Hills MI to go to game 5 of the NBA finals between Detroit and San Antonio (Go Piston!). We had no tickets but said even if we were there when Detroit won it would be great. We ended getting great tickets 5 minutes after the gasme started cause the guy wanted to get rid of them. My youngest son Johnathan got sick before the game and I had to take him and his next older brother the the first aid station near the player locker rooms. Couldn’t beleive what happened next… The players busses pulled and we got to stand and hold the door for the players to their locker room. What an experience.

    I love my boys, what to inspire them to great things, but I am not their best freind I am their father. Sonertimes its tough love to make them better men. Men of honor, hard work, and Godly virtues. I have fun and somewhat of a goof ball and load but they bring out the little boy deep inside me.

    Wow my little girl… She can make me cry when I have to go out of town for work. She gave me a little heart charm of her’s when she was 5 to keep her heart with when I’m gone. She has me wrapped around her finger. Mom says I give in too much but its hard when see looks at me with her big brown eyes (My brown eyed girl). That being said OMG she is demanding at times (just like her mother) and can wear more clothes in a day them all my boys do in a week (The boys wouldn’t change their underwear if I didn’t make them).

    They need us to be there lead them and guide them. Especially these days. Idon’t have rthe amount of friend I once did because my time and commitment is to them.

    I try to lead by example cause they learn much more by what they see us do them what they hear us say (If they are listening AT ALL!).

    My greatest joy is seeing them work hard and get their own satisfaction from doing something well. That make me the most proud.

    LUV U Guys (and little princess) always and forever


  24. Tripp Lanier Says:

    Great article, Shawn!


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