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How Strict Must You Eat to Lose Weight?

29. June 2009


With the Fourth of July holiday almost upon us, I know many of us will have food on our minds. It’s a great day for sharing delicious–if not necessarily nutritious–food with family and friends. During an interview the other day I received a question that is particularly relevant to this upcoming day of celebration. The […]

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The 10 Best Things About Being A Dad

23. June 2009


Yesterday may well have been my best father’s day since. Sure, it’s great to get gifts and just be recognized but what struck me is how much better I am with self-care, with putting myself near the top of the list on this one day. In my experience this is a place where most father’s […]

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5 Circles Beats 3 Squares

15. June 2009


Americans have, by and large, distorted the golden rule of three square meals-a-day beyond recognition. We skip breakfast, eat quick lunches, slug down coffee or energy drinks, snack throughout the day to compensate for the poor start, and then consume more than half of our daily calories in one meal: Dinner. This is a perfect […]

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