What if You Are the Center of the Universe?

Mon, Mar 23, 2009

Chances are, somewhere along your life path you too received the well intended, likely stern reminder, “You, are not the center of the universe!”

For most of us this “for your own good,” message came an authority figure, perhaps even our loving parents.

As you’ve grown you may even have felt the need to share this wisdom with others who don’t yet see the world as clearly as you do now. For, from this higher perspective this does look to be sound wisdom that only experience can fully grok.

What if this is wrong? What if you and your parents, and your teachers and anyone who has ever believed this to true is as wrong as wrong can be?

What if you are the center of the universe?

What if “all of it” in some very tangible way does actually depend on you?

What if you’re not simply involved but a catalyst… ?

Allow me to explain…


If you were the center of the Universe, if the Strength depends on you, what would you do?

Me? Easy, have a Full Strength and get to kicking some ass… in that order.

Grab a FREE SAMPLE and get to ruling the Universe!


Until Next Week…

Stay Strong,

. . . . . . . . . .

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45 Responses to “What if You Are the Center of the Universe?”

  1. Theresa Says:

    As a Natural health practitoner and Australian living in Malaysia, your message is great…. become a great you! infect, effect, create a great affect in the WORLD. Clean up yourself, get great relationships with you and others. Clean up your ‘backyard’ This is how we then chnage the world.


  2. John E. Irvin Says:

    Thank you for the kind words on Facebook. As I have ADD (big time) I find focus through working out. The idea that I am the center of the Universe goes well with the idea that the universe is an anthropomorphic entity. God helps those who help themselves = I help me. The Red Rocks running is the Universe (me) giving and keeping focus. I love where I meet the Universe. As I said so many times before…I love where I live!

    Thank you for your friendship,


    • Shawn Phillips Says:

      Thanks John… like you, I know the challenges of attention and focus. It’s been a gift and challenge for my life. I’m sure for you too.

      I have no doubt that my attention challenges and gifts have led me to sports and training. Hence the creation of my FIT practice, which is less an invention than a discovery and subsequent system that can be applied by others, to do what I’ve learned intuitively to do; elevate focus, create flow and train my mind to be stronger and more focused while training my body.

      FIT brings together so many aspects of body-mind, Eastern and Western life and style… it’s a true integration or as some very knowledgeable leaders on the forefront of human evolution called it, “The first true mind – body ‘practice’ developed in over 2,000 years.” Not bad…

      You too… thank you for your kind words. Well stated, with heart. I look forward to a trip up the seats with you at RR.

      ~ Shawn


  3. Mark Aiyadurai Says:

    Thoughtfully and well presented Shawn. I can think of my true strength as inner strength in the heart that radiates outward. As the Chinese Proverb says:

    ” If there is righteousness in the heart, there will be beauty in the character. If there is beauty in the character there will be harmony in the home. If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. When there is order in each nation there will be peace in the world.”


  4. Ashley Henderson Says:

    Thanks for all your motivation and inspiration.

    I’m on my 30th year of training this year. My philosophy has evolved over the years, but I think exercise should be a part of everyone’s life. I’ve been using a bike for transportation to work (20-34 miles round trip, depending on my route, including a climb over Missionary Ridge) for the past 3 years.

    I’ll be 47 this summer, and I’ve never felt better.

    I actually believe that fitness is a patriotic duty. As we’ve heard that obesity costs everyone an extra $1,000 dollars per year, not paying attention to your health, is dragging down our whole economy, and unfair to those of us who are working hard. I think that if you want to pay cash for all of your medical treatments, you have a right to opt out of the system, and be as gluttonous and lazy as you want; but if you are depending on the government, (i.e. your fellow tax-paying citizens, or even insurance, which drives up the cost for everyone) for the expensive remedies to your preventable poor health conditions, then society has a right to demand that you take proactive steps, or deny benefits, or attach garnishes to recoup some of that cost.

    Sorry to get so political, but there are so many problems which are crippling our country, and our economy right now, which could be solved with personal responsibility.

    The environment, unsustainable health care costs, energy independence, the obesity epidemic, depression, suicide, traffic snarls, accidents and pollution, wear on the infrastructure, personal and business productivity; could all be improved with personal action plans of incorporating fitness into our lives. If everyone would walk or bike for even one trip a week – huge progress would be made.

    Visit http://www.wdef.com for a peek into an example of what I’m talking about.

    I’m a videographer at the CBS affiliate in Chattanooga, Tn. and we’ve been covering an ongoing issue with cyclists on public streets. We had an avid biker killed by a delivery truck a couple of weeks ago. The driver was not even cited. Tennessee passed a 3 foot law two years ago, which says that a motorist overtaking a vehicle must give the cyclist at least 3 feet of space. If you can kill someone and not be ticketed, who is ever going to be ticketed, and what message does that send to motorists? How does that encourage more people to get out and bike for exercise and transportation? Read some of the mean spirited comments on the web site.

    Just last weekend, another cyclist was hit, and run off the road by a motorist, and he was not ticketed either. Luckily, this cyclist was not hurt.

    More media are picking up on the story now, and hopefully will shame our law enforcement community into enforcing this important, existing law.

    Cyclists all over the country will appreciate you using your exposure to bring this important form of fitness, which combines exercise and transportation into one handy, time saving workout, to the attention of your supporters.

    Thanks again for all you do!

    Ashley Henderson


  5. Patricia Blevins Says:

    Shawn, You’re right on the mark with this video. We are facing some very
    hard times in the USA. We all need to be strong to face the challenges
    ahead and to be able to lend a helping hand to others Thanks for this timely video. Bless you!!!


  6. Rickey Says:

    Hello Shawn,

    This is a great post. As the Microcosm so is the Macrocosm.
    A world is as strong as it’s weakest link. We are first cause
    as if we are not acting at our best how can we expect others
    to act at their best.

    If I am at war with myself then I cannot expect country to also
    not be at war.

    Find the peace and strength within. Be the best me that I can
    be. People will feed off my strength or my weakness. I get
    to decide.

    I AM the center of the universe.

    Thanks for a wonderful illustration.



  7. Denna Says:

    We must live our lives with honesty, grace, strength and purpose.


  8. Pierre Says:

    Hi Shawn,

    It was interesting to hear you talk about how individual strength increases collective strength.

    Your weekly messages reach outside the center of the universe the USA are. Each time I listened to this uniquely American perspective I always feel some unease and wonder if I am not bigger really than those who are the center of the universe. It also leaves me puzzled as to where I could possibly live.

    Would it not be possible to say that you Americans are only just the tiny center of this universe you talk about and I, as an outsider to it, would be way way bigger and stronger?

    Where does this leave mighty America?

    With this thought from outer space and my feeling of real power and strength, I bid you good day!



    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Thanks for your thoughtful words.

      Yes, it comes from America… and hence, has that sort of accent. I get that the earth is a small pinhead floating in a massive universe but also understand that you do too. That in context and for times sake we have to play in a smaller conversation almost every time we open our human mouths.

      I speak a lot about the inspiration of a fitter, stronger, America for many reasons:

      1. Seems we could use it… we’ve lost our way over on this land mass.
      2. for the same reason I talk a lot about men’s issues, strength, etc. It’s what I know more than others.

      Hence, my focus is not discounting of other but accepting of self and limitations.

      Plus, to be quite honest, the Stronger U for a Stronger U-S for a Stronger U-S-Earth just didn’t work the same!

      Peace & Strength,


  9. James William Moore Says:


    I have read your message and watched the video each day this week. Thank you so much for sharing this concept. It really did bring home what strength starting within our own self can do.

    Your concept comes at a special time in my life. It reminds me as I celebrate 13 years in remission this May that my battle to survive cancer started within me.

    When I started “Strength for Life” I was excited at the possibilities. I learned quickly I would be the only thing that would limit myself. The freedom this knowledge gives me is priceless.

    I have joked with many that “it’s all about me.” When it comes to motivation, strength, personal growth, health…it is all about me in respects to I am the one keeping me from any of these goals. As you stated in your SSM, I am the center of my universe. If I am strong, I can be the beginning of change. This has been proven in my life with my health and my lifestyle change through “Strength for Life.”

    I am challenged to help others see this within themselves as they have seen the change in me and the strength I live with.

    Imagine the changes that can possible as more people start to find their strength within.




    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Thank you for this inspirational message.

      Yes, if more people would choose to follow your lead, and look within and then out, what an impact it would make.

      I won’t try to top these words but allow them to echo and just say, “Thanks!”

      In Strength


  10. Pierre Says:

    Hi again Shawn,

    I received a message from you asking for my thoughts om strength and being a force of change. I clicked on the link and it lead me to a vid and no place where to comment. So I found my way here where you already have a comment from me, but not on strength per se.

    I agree that strength is important but I do not focus on it at all. I teach tai chi. Tai chi could be defined in many ways. One of its definitions is that it is an art of rotation. Like what happens in an old watch, with wheels all turning as a whole mechanism. So this is how tai chi works. I focused on rotating my coccyx that, as the base of my spine, will activate my whole body as one piece. This creates immense strength, enough of it to move the whole universe of ours that is bigger than 94 billions years in span and growing bigger and faster by the second. But rotating is not moving.

    Change is important also, I agree. But here again I do not concern myself with it. Most of what I have noticed when people say they want change is that they want things around them to change so that they, as human beings, would not have to change in any way. Change is for others, not for them. A lot of efforts are thus spent changing so as not to change. I focus on something entirely different: making room for what is, all that is and makes us human, all this evolution from our animal past to our human condition. It means that what we reject so strongly in us is us. The monster and the angel. Our persona and our shadows. By accepting all that is changes happen. It is by not changing anything that true and real change occurs.

    This is strength. This is force. This is change.



  11. Pierre Says:


    I made a little grammatical error: “By accepting all that is changes happens.” should read as: By accepting all that is changes happen.” No “s” to “happen.”

    Ironic, isn`t it, that I am making this change.

    With a smile,



  12. Ray Fazio Says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I agree about the you as the center of the universe. As I see the you as the center of the universe, I so many adults bestowing the great values up on the youth of today with words and demonstration. For this will continue to build the strength and fiber of the USA. The opportunity to demonstrate this not only for my on children, but also for the friends as commitment, confidence, and belief are esstintial in standing for yourself.

    Thanks Shawn for this message,



  13. Will Says:

    All I can say Shawn is “Spot On”

    It is selfish to keep waiting for someone else to do it without playing your own part.

    And I am not American either…




  14. Shawn Phillips Says:

    Thanks Bill… nice to see you. :-)



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