“What’s the difference between a man and a boy?”

Mon, Mar 2, 2009

This question almost knocked me out of my chair one day recently when I was in a meeting with a top-shelf marketing agency explaining why Full Strength is the perfect nutrition solution for the High-Performing man.
“I’d been very deliberate about creating this performance-food for men,” I shared.

And when I explained that most supplement companies go after boys, they couldn’t see the difference. They fell prey to the simple, “Men are older than boys…right?,” was the response.

“I don’t think this could be more wrong. Sure, age is part of the equation but let’s be clear, not every boy becomes a man. There’s no assurance there,” I said.

That’s when I stood up, and scribbled this table out on the white board. And that was the end of questions. The difference was crystal clear. I am certain you will agree.



The Terrain of Men
Spend some time with marketing agencies and leading brands in this country and you’ll see that most everything is marketed to boys—very little is for men (even though it may say so). Hence, their cloud of confusion.

Once you see the difference between men and boys with this clarity things change. Now you can separate the men from the boys, to reach those who will most benefit from my premium nutrition shake.

This is important for, as anyone can see from the box, it’s men that I built my Full Strength for.

Sure, it’s an amazing nutrition for men (and wanna be men) of all ages but Full Strength is as much about a way of approaching life—a lifestyle of Strength and Performance—as it is about integrated nutrition. And I know from experience that it’s the men who have the greatest demands in life that feel the most astounding benefits.

Let’s face it, it takes some life experience before you can truly appreciate some of the finer things in life. When I was 22 I didn’t care much for a great French Bordeaux, nor a fine pair of shoes, a custom tailored suit, a massage or even a nice leather interior on my car. It was more about fast cars and functional things.

My, how things can change. If you find yourself identifying with the column on the right, you might give Full Strength Chances are good it’s going to be a nice fit and a great addition to your strength…Now and for life. a try.

It’s really darn easy. You get shipping and I’ll send you two free samples to try. Of course, a “real” man would go for the real test-drive with the 2-Weeks to Full Strength experience. Hey, either way; your call.

Here’s to the Full Strength Man.

Until Next Week…

Stay Strong,

. . . . . . . . . .

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20 Responses to ““What’s the difference between a man and a boy?””

  1. Mary Says:

    Loved this article! In fact, I’m forwarding it to my single women friends. Why? It’s a great reminder in their search for Mr. Right that maturity is not just about chronological age, but about character and life outlook. So you see..the wisdom in this article transcends your original intent!


  2. annie Says:

    this rocks. love it.


  3. Carlton Says:

    You are appealing to mens EGO a good marketing strategy Its obvious you believe that a MANS SHAKE makes a REAL MAN and so does a SIX PACK and GOOD LOOKS …. Very wrong my friend Very Wrong … But it sells shakes i guess ! !


    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Thanks for your comment.

      But really, “appealing to a man’s ego?” Are you kidding?

      I think I’m confronting a man’s ego. But even so, everything I do and have done for 20+ years is a hell of lot more than ego. In fact, I make such a conscious effort to avoid yanking on that easy to pull chain–and judging on every advertisement out there, from cars, to razors, to cologne… I seem to be alone here.

      It’s all ego in the big-bad world.

      Me, yes I created Full Strength because I absolutely believe in it–and it’s positive impact on people’s lives. I know it does–and even went so far as to fund the science to support that. It’s an amazing product… and if some men use it to be better fathers, better men and part of that is looking as great as they feel, then I’m guilty.

      “I define a man as good six pack?” Wow! Just cause I’ve been in the business 20 years and happen to be the guy in the photos I hold that as the standard for you or others? Not even…

      I’m much deeper than that… does the list I showed in any way suggest what you say? I encourage you to look again. That said, I do appreciate you’re comments on Good Looks… now that is good for the ego. Ha…

      If you read Strength for Life you’d know Strength about everything but ego my friend.

      All the Best,


  4. Starla Smith Says:

    Thank you so much, Shawn for all you do and all the information you make available to us…not to mention an AWESOME shake! Don’t forget that the ladies are drinking your shake also in order to obtain optimal health to take care of our husbands and children! Thanks again for a superior shake! Starla Smith


  5. david morgan Says:

    Great article Shawn! Been around the Phillips brothers from the begining– found Bill telling the real truth about the body building world and it did not shock me only confirmed what I knew had to be the reality.

    Have not finished your book yet..

    Appreicate this post.. too many boys in our culture in my view. Thanks for standing “strong” for telling it like it is…

    My venue is telling the truth about the financial system– oh boy!! Real men understand real money you might say… sorry Shawn off topic but I am on a mission.

    Wishing you health above wealth,


  6. Rick Says:

    Been using your product since it was introduced ……. nothing better when you are in a hurry or need a good nutritious meal that’s easy to digest.

    I think for most of us, the challenge is balance ……. being able to express and “feed” ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually and finding the time and energy to do so.

    I think you are making a positive contribution with your books and nutrition shakes.

    You are genetically gifted but its doesn’t seem to have given you a big ego….. there’s a difference between ego and confidence.

    And as for ego, we need some “real men” running the banking and financial sectors of our country ……… we’ve seen what ego and arrogance can do with the financial crises they have created.

    Thanks for the product ……. I intend to use it as long as I have any say-so in my own life.

    As far as commercials go, I tune them out ……. I watch very little tv and almost no commercial radio as I find the ads offensive and assaulting.

    I never buy anything I don’t need and I feel I need your product.

    Best Wishes, …… Rick


  7. Tyler Says:

    You continue to amaze Philosopher King. Each point on your laundry list of differences is a course on its own.


  8. Michael Hamler Says:

    Hey Brother, that may be the best list yet. I myself have grown as a man since reading Strength For Life and look forward to continuing to grow. A Full Strength shake daily has been huge for me. As for the list, it’s going up on my Training board to review frequently. Rock on my friend, Mike


  9. Ibad Says:

    I loved it!..Yea Shawn I agree with your views its really a great meal replacement shake..infact we badly need it..Unfortunately Im not in Canada now,and in Pakistan its not avaiable,thats why could’nt get it….but pretty sure will get it when reached.For surviving todays scenario its really essential to get quality shakes for best moves in daily life,because we lack in meals due to tough job and study timing and some times we just skip it because of time issue.We really need a superior one and thanx Shawn for all you did.I am going much freaky about it because doing hardcoring workouts.Keep going!



  10. Pierre Says:

    Hi Shawn,

    I was turned off completely by your comment (or joke) that only real men would go for the full two-week test drive as opposed to some samples.

    Real men are not defined this way and might not be moved into action by being put down.




    • Shawn Phillips Says:


      Thanks for your comment. I do trust the the essence of the message was not upsetting.

      I totally agree that men are not defined by “being moved.” I made a mistake of thinking that was so obvious that my off the cuff statement would be clearly seen as tongue-in-cheek as it is.

      Once again, I am reminded that electronic humor doesn’t translate. I will be more aware next time.


      In Strength,


  11. Mitch Says:

    Thanks Shawn for writing something inspiring and original, as usual …

    Loved the book! Some people just don’t understand the power of transformation, and the power of the present moment. If they did, people like Carlton would not consider you as ‘appealing’ to a man’s ego, but instead, helping to dissolve it.

    Stay strong – stay present!

    – Mitch

    PS – Mary, please remind your friends that there are PLENTY of single, REAL men still out there!


  12. Rich Day Says:

    Shawn, I would like to add the quality of conviction. John Eldridge in his Wild at Heart leads us to believe men need a violent side, then later in his other books refines it to being strong in our convictions. A man true to his maker is at peace in his heart and stands firm and strong in his convictions, never wavering in all the attributes you describe. Thanks for you insights and lifting us up each week with your own strong loving heart. Peace, Rich


  13. Gelsey Custer Says:

    It took setbacks for me to learn also, and think its the case for a lot of people, its a marathon not a sprint.



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