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What if You Are the Center of the Universe?

23. March 2009


Chances are, somewhere along your life path you too received the well intended, likely stern reminder, “You, are not the center of the universe!” What if this is wrong? What if you and your parents, and your teachers and anyone who has ever believed this to true is as wrong as wrong can be? What […]

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Living the Un-Reasonable Life

9. March 2009


This Monday I’m getting back to the ease of the video to explore the deception of sacrifice and Living the Un-Reasonable Life. Not sure what the Reasonable life is? It’s the sort of sleep-walking through life–”living in The Gap,” tolerating less than from life than we can have and deserve. A way of life more […]

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“What’s the difference between a man and a boy?”

2. March 2009


This question almost knocked me out of my chair one day recently when I was in a meeting with a top-shelf marketing agency explaining why Full Strength is the perfect nutrition solution for the High-Performing man. “I’d been very deliberate about creating this performance-food for men,” I shared. “I don’t think this could be more […]

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