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Q: Why is 1 pound of muscle so important?

24. September 2007

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The answer: Because muscle is the most metabolically active tissue in your body. Adding just one point of muscle may enable you to burn an additional 18,250 calories in a year. A pound of fat consumes only 700 calories in a year. Hence the reason fat begets more fat and muscle shapes you smaller. In […]

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I Returned to the Gym, Where are My Results?

17. September 2007


The answer: The integration of nutrition, proper training and the magic of R&R are all essential for building strength, lean muscle and fueling your metabolism. Doctor Tom and I share what it takes to start strong and stay strong. Listen for the Key Moment: “You only build muscle when you’re doing this…” Until Next week… […]

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Can Everyday Activity Boost My Metabolism?

10. September 2007


The answer: Absolutely yes. The more you move, the more calories you burn. This week Doctor Tom Bilella and I share with you one of the secrets of a Red Hot Fat Scorching Metabolism. Listen for the Key Moment: Fat holds toxins in your body, and these toxins have been linked to all manners of […]

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