10 Ways Death Can Make Your Life Better (Okay, 12)

15. April 2014


The world is your oyster. Success is reserved for those who really want it. Do it. Grab the brass ring. Win, baby just win. Oh, the places you will go, the things you will do… And then you die. It’s true. Last time I checked the rate of death is holding steady at 100%. So, [...]

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When You Eat as Important as What You Eat | Meal Timing in Weight Loss

11. March 2014


As is often the case, science is catching up to logic and experience. When it comes to weight loss, be it in recovery from obesity or that last 10 pounds before a physique competition, frequent feedings has been a popular strategy. Myself, along with many experts, have postulated for years that the frequent small meals [...]

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A Story That Will Have You Feeling Better About Humanity (Must Watch!)

3. March 2014


He’s a “Pay it forward” kind of kid. Watch this story and feel better about the world we live in. When Myles Eckert found $20 in a Cracker Barrel parking lot, he thought about what he might buy with this newfound fortune, but he changed his mind when he laid eyes on the man in [...]

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